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[out] for the motherboard upgrade to split the TV a slap in the face of Tencent Telecom (Yan Can) recently, LETV TV launched to provide services for the early development of hardware upgrade super TV users by replacing the motherboard, the smart TV "upgrade" it pulled into the public view. You know, before the concept of "scalable" but split TV exclusive, many manufacturers have launched a separate television products, and the "split upgrade" of the concept of education to stimulate consumer market a whoop and a holler. And now, the real upgrade is to replace the motherboard, which is quite a traditional way to achieve the first in one tv. And correspondingly, many launched separate television manufacturers, including the aforementioned LETV TV, launched a separate television, then shouted "split upgrade", until now still have no external launch upgrade program clear sound. So, after the fiery split TV what new progress, and for the motherboard upgrade to the industry what enlightenment? Now, although the rise of split TV is the recent rise of split tv. But in fact, as early as two years ago, Haier, Samsung, Lenovo etc barley pushed similar products, some appear in the popular host form, while others are in the form of a card, but the essence is the same, but different in morphology and interface, then the smart TV starting environment that does not have much influence as imagined. But the turn at the end of last year, with the emerging enterprises involved in well versed in Internet marketing road, has been away from us "TV" concept has been hot fried up. Millet TV 3 TV, cool open T55, hey, storm TV super TV, music as curved surface TV have been launched, the silence of the market has been activated. The body looks very beautiful "concept is to split the TV display part, signal processing part, the sound system is separated from TV, TV display terminal, TV host, TV sound is composed of three parts, to break the traditional structure mode TV three integrated, to solve the problems of traditional TV for a long time can not solve. Greatly enhance the service life of the flat-panel TV, sound effects, practical function, historic implements customized television (DIY), the three components can be combined freely and upgrade, but also provides the necessary conditions for the development of smart TV is a revolutionary breakthrough in television history, will lead the the new concept of home appliances consumption." The above is an excerpt from Baidu encyclopedia from which you can see, there are two separate concepts "mainly to solve pain points: one is the possibility of future, sustainable upgrade two TV is to solve the increasingly thin and thick TV sound coexistence problem. However, is it really so? Really want to upgrade it is still difficult to product features, the most concerned about the possibility of the split TV is the possibility of its upgrade. But the reality is that the first launch of the concept of the concept of TV can be upgraded Samsung, Haier and Lenovo, these three giants, and ultimately failed to end. Samsung’s new host module is not compatible with the old products, can not be replaced upgrade; Haier modular said.相关的主题文章: