22Watch – making buffalo personally kick overnight Yanbian temporarily 2-2 Huaxia sports Sohu|Watch – making buffalo personally kick overnight Yanbian temporarily 2-2 Huaxia sports Sohu0

Watch – making buffalo personally kick overnight Yanbian temporarily 2-2 China – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 17th, the twenty-fifth round of Super League, Yanbian flight home court against Hebei Huaxia happiness. Forty-eighth minutes, Yanbian set out, gold bearing large first heading down the back of the pool Zhong Guo hastily shot, hit fly. Forty-ninth minutes, Haifeng Ding was replaced by Xu Xiaolong. Fifty-sixth minutes, Yanbian Pinqiang Pei Yuwen fell to the ground, no Chinese stopped the attack. Li Haojie then kicked a tactical foul Alois Theo booked. Fifty-seventh minutes, Jiang Ning has inserted single opportunity, is also a pool the attack confiscated. Fifty-ninth minutes. Hetaijun play for Li Xun. Sixty-first minutes, Jiang Ning outside the area left Zhise, Aaron Li Haojie and Alois Theo contact, Arlo fell to the ground, the referee gave a penalty, Alois Theo penalty, vigorously boom left, deceive goalkeeper, 1.5 golf network! Field score 2-2 flat. Yanbian starting line-up: 22- 16- Wu Yongchun, Chi Wen; Pu Shihao 17-, 20- 23- 13- Pei Yuwen, Cui min; Jin Bo 24-, Li Haojie 8-, Chi Zhongguo 6-, Li Xun 9-, 10- Jin Cheng; Steve; 1- 11-, Cui Yin light substitutes: benevolence, 18-, 19-, 21- Hetaijun Lee Jinxian, Jin Hongyu 25- buy 29-, AI jiang. China starting lineup: 19- Yang Cheng;   Liao Junjian 16-, 4- Gurum, 32- 22-, Kim y Haifeng Ding; 25- 30-, Li Hang 7- mbia; Jiang Ning, Luo Senwen, 6-   21- 31- Kakuta; Alois Theo; bench: 1- 5- Dewey, 9- Dong Xuesheng, Eurasian   11-, 17-, GUI Hong Zhu Haiwei, Xu 23-, 33- quasi high wing dragon (Zorro)

73Paris Murray wins three sets of the United States artillery season with the crown of eighth No.1|Paris Murray wins three sets of the United States artillery season with the crown of eighth No.16

Paris Murray three race wins the United States artillery articles season eighth crown NO.1 (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on November 7th news 2016 Paris masters men’s singles final in today’s competition, yesterday harvest gift out of the race and for the first time the world’s first summit of Murray after three wars, by 6-3 6-7 (4) 6-4 the United States defeated cannon Islamic Nell, the first time in a single season harvest eight champions and three Masters title, which is the fourteenth career Grand Prix, total forty-third crown. Before Murray and Nell Ismail had 7 meetings, Murray unbeaten, including 6 meetings on the hard ground, and this year’s French and Vienna match. In the semi-final Rao Niki received a gift out of the race, Murray will ensure that next week beyond Djokovic, career for the first time the world’s first summit on the throne, Ess Neil Ferrell, and Cilic even grams of Sauk et al, after a lapse of three years in the men’s singles final masters. Today the first game, Murray made the first break in the sixth inning, saved 2 break points after the hair, the British people to lead 5-2. The end of the stage, the two security service bureau, the final Murray to 6 to 3 under the first set. Second two people have been mutual serve, Murray in the eighth 0-40 behind the case dogged Baofa two people tied 4 to 4 level. The next few Bureau, both sides mutual serve, into the race to grab seven. Snatches in seven games, Ess Neil scored two points to 6 to 3 to get the first inventory in 4-3, Murray failed to reverse the situation, and ultimately the United States artillery with 7-6 (4) of a disk. The final set before six, two serve the Islamic Nell once had a break point, but he is tenacious and Paul made the two Battle 3 to 3 level. The key moment 4 more than 4 flat, Ess Neil appeared fluctuations in non insurance can not serve in the final, Murray after the break in the ratio of 6 to 4 victory. (double)