1Hong Xiuzhu again to see whether the Sohu news or cake – like building blocks|Hong Xiuzhu again to see whether the Sohu news or cake – like building blocks

Hung Hsiu Chu: the Kuomintang can be renewed to see is like building blocks or cake – Sohu News chairman of KMT candidate hung Hsiu Chu 21 in Shandong natives will Xinchun Lianyi dinner, her speech said, last year for leaders to obtain Shandong Association behind, let her very touched. (Figure "China Times" Huang Shiqi photo) according to Taiwan’s "China Times" reported, chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) election register today, the former "Li Hong, vice president of the court" Xiuzhu yesterday cited the media, the article points out, "the Kuomintang can not be renewed, see like LEGO or cake". LEGO after the fall can also be re – heap up, cake break not only pile up, will attract cockroaches, flies, mice snatch. Hung Hsiu Chu yesterday to attend the Shandong Association Fellowship Dinner, her speech said that last year to run for leader and Shandong natives will behind, she was very moved, but I’m sorry to run the road did not finish is her personal hard enough. Hong Xiuzhu said, running for the leader of this road, she went for a walk, Zhu Lilun to go, she did not go well, Zhu Lilun has been implicated in the harm Zhu Go not smooth, we all have the responsibility. Two successive election defeat, let the Kuomintang morale to incapable of further increase the point. Hung Hsiu Chu said that this election party chairman of a lot of people, everyone are talking about the ideal, everyone a lot of ideas and practices may have almost, but the important is party’s soul, central idea, core value to which go to? What is the party’s insistence, direction and route? If even this is not clear, the KMT will not tomorrow; if the DPP said what, the KMT will follow what the future is no hope. Chairman of the Shandong Association, former party chairman Huang Fu Wang Wenxie also in the scene behind Hong Xiuzhu. Hung Hsiu Chu served as recommended by the KMT leadership ginseng candidates, although not to run for the last, but to continue to support her, he said, "the Kuomintang will not collapse, has hung Hsiu Chu will not collapse, I will not collapse." Wang Wenxie said, some people say that fled the Yellow Baath is a very boring thing, KMT today by yellow Baath, the future will continue to support the Kuomintang, "the election of the KMT party chairman, who is on the pitch we cast who, I wish Hong Xiu column high ticket elected". (Gao Xu)

4Benitez to chase a Zidane office for Zal Ronaldo or forced the United States – Sports Sohu|Benitez to chase a Zidane office for Zal Ronaldo or forced the United States – Sports Sohu

Zidane took Benitez to chase the adzharian c Luo or forced went to beauty – Sohu sports Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo has been troubled by no small contradiction & nbsp; to constitute a Real Madrid player, even if there is no coach should not play now this virtue. There is only one reason, that is Benitez completely lost the support of the players, the locker room no one listened to him. Zidane after the Real Madrid, the first to do is to straighten out the relationship between the locker room. Zidane is the first step, and improve the relationship between the C ronaldo. In 2013 October, Zidane was behind Ribery to take the ball and by C ronaldo. In the 2013 FIFA golden globe three candidate list, C Luo and Ribery, Messi for the Golden Globe awards. In October 2013, Zidane in an interview on French radio Monte Carlo said: "I will the Ballon d’Or to Franck Ribery, because of his achievements over the past year is very high, especially he became a three time winner. But there is a problem, that is, C Luo also scored 55 goals last season." At that time, the identity of Zidane, is Ancelotti’s top assistant. Zidane these words after being exposed, C Luo is not happy. The Spanish name Manu – thiessens was so secret: "C, very sad, very disappointed in Zidane. He and Real Madrid renewed, Real Madrid has promised to protect the C ROM, and support C ROM to get the golden ball award. C Luo believes that Zidane’s remarks betrayed Real Madrid’s commitment, so he is very disappointed. He has a strong mental ability, but he is still very sensitive. The matter had a negative effect on him and made him feel sad. He needs to feel the support and love, but Zidane doesn’t give him that." After the matter was exposed, Zidane was quick to give their own interpretations of C Ronaldo to Real Madrid in the base, and the Portuguese to apologize. Zidane apologized to C Luo? Just then Zidane C Luo Ze is the Real Madrid first assistant. But now, the situation of the two people is completely different. Zidane is a Real Madrid coach, C Ronaldo is the best striker in the history of Real Madrid though, but a strong dialogue 0 goals of the abuse of CAI wang. According to the "Aspen" reported that Mr Zidane will Cufu London to pursue a Zal Loren valentino. A Zal is best at what position? Belonging to the left front of C luo! Zinedine Zidane to hazard has been very much appreciated, in Adjara Lille Zizou position was "if I run for Real Madrid president took him when the signs". After Zal joined Chelsea and gradually become a top star, Zidane has repeatedly publicly expressed appreciation for Zal, and said that Real Madrid should acquire a Zal, and so on. Chelsea is certainly not willing to let go of a Zal, now we have to see whether the Belgian team in revolt. According to the "Aspen" argument, C Ronaldo is also looking for a good home. But surprisingly, C Ronaldo would not join Paris St Germain and Manchester United, but intends to go to the United States pension. According to his close friend revealed that C Luo will be leaving Real Madrid to settle in Miami. 2017, Miami will build a soccer team to participate in the major league game, the boss behind the scenes is Beckham. C Ronaldo will be 31 years old next month, the Portuguese so young)