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Arts-and-Entertainment Muay Thai happens to be the most popular sport in Phuket region of Thailand. The very word Muay had its origin in Moo-ai which means boxing and Thai refers to eight. Muay Thai requires the players to make use of eight points of contact viz. knees, elbows, punches and knee strikes. Thus Muay Thai makes use of the four pairs of toughest part of human body as weapons to counter enemies. The very sport of Muay Thai had its origin a few centuries back when Thailand had been constantly subject to foreign attacks. There was a need to protect the kingdom and its people from the outside enemies and hence had to master this dangerous sport for self defense. The sport which developed as a self defense program gradually became a popular sport and an entertainment program for kings and was highly appreciated by feudal landlords. Muay Thai training schools There is a popular notion that Muay Thai happens to be a domain of physically strong men who have the ability to undertake the hardships of the rigorous training. On the contrary, Muay Thai happens to be a self defense program and anyone interested in the sport may enroll in Muay Thai training schools in Phuket region. Muay Thai programs for women A good number of Muay Thai training institutions in Phuket offer special training courses for ladies. Most women enroll for these programs to learn the art of self defense and emerge out as confident boxers who can fight back any situation in times of need. Training Requirements The minimum age requirement to get enrolled in the training program is seven years. More important than that is that the student should have an earnest interest and objective in mind to learn the sport. As we are aware, Muay Thai was primarily developed as a self defense art. Even today, training schools teach the sport as a self defense art and not a means to proclaim ones physical prowess. Muay Thai happens to be a primitive sport and also includes a number of strokes which might have dire consequences. Phuket training schools eliminate these deadly techniques and strict norms are maintained in this regard. In this connection it might be mentioned that, Muay Thai is not just about learning martial art for self defense. If you want to be a well groomed Muay Thai player, you also need to know and embrace the culture and norms of the region as well. In order to know the sport, you need to be a part of the ritual that is associated with Muay Thai and Phuket training schools just makes you prepared for that. So if you want to be a Muay Thai professional boxer and want to master this primitive self defense art, schools for Muay Thai training in Phuket may be the clue to your search. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: