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Introduction: You can use the navigation menu at the bottom of each section to quickly jump to any point in the review, or if you are feeling brave you can read it straight through. Either way, make sure you leave a comment if this was helpful of if you have any insight on the topic. If you decide to go on the hunt for an app to help organize your digital photos you could easily be overwhelmed with all the freeware and junkware floating around the web. While many claim to be the the "Ultimate Photo Manager", there are really only a couple of choices for those who want to do more with their photos than just browse and print them. PicaJet is a programme that I found (while version.   Features: PicaJet has a wonderful system for categorizing your photos. Some programmes have the ability to use Keywords (such as Picasa) or tags, however the hierarchical (or tree) method that PicaJet uses to categorize your photos, opens up a whole new world of organization. As you can see in the screenshots below I have selected the category for my daughter Eden. This causes only photos in this category to appear in the reults on the right. By holding in them. At any point you may also exclude any category by right-clicking on it and choosing to exclude it from the results. To assign a photo to a given category simply select the photo (or photos) and then click on the little paper clip symbol next to the desired category, then click again on your selected photos. To top all of this off PicaJet will save all the category info into the photos own meta data (headers) so that it is readable by other programmes and websites (i.e. Flickr). Now make no mistake there is definitely a time investment in categorizing your photos (more time the more complex you make your categories), however taking this time now will save you tons of time in looking for what you want in the future. About the Author: A 26 year old IT Director for a CLEC, Elijah has always had his hand in many things at one time. Ask him about some of the places he has worked at over the years and you will get responses of "Brickyard" "Telco", "Snack Vending Company", "Professional Window Tinting Shop" and everything in-between. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Software 相关的主题文章: