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Pluto Moon in Capricorn Challenges us to Find Stillness and Balance Inside of Us If you have a Pluto Moon in your chart you will feel really activated in this moment of time when the current Moon is moving into Capricorn and briefly contacting Pluto. We will have a look into the overall picture of September 25 to 27, 2009 and what it might bring up for you. Pluto Moon If you have a Pluto Moon connection of any kind in your chart, you are probably very familiar with the challenge of constant renewal, growth and a certain emotional depth you bring to your life. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and wants to transform everything he touches to a new level. It is not the most .fortable position to have but it has its own rewards. In astrology the sign of Scorpio is bound to the gravity and rules of the earth and the instinctual level of our being. The transformed Scorpio is the phoenix out of ashes, the bird enjoying the freedom of flying the heaven unencumbered by gravity. Pluto is always asked to walk his path between the earthly and heavenly polarities. Because there is this black and white, all or nothing attitude Scorpios are not the easiest people to be around. But they have experienced their own dept and learned to accept human nature in its shadow side and that might have brought them to a place of deep surrender to the mystery of life with .passion in their heart. Because of that they have a good knowledge of the inner dynamics of the human soul and often be.e experts in psychology and human nature. If they have learned to live and balance their own dichotomy they can be of great assistance for others. Moon in Capricorn If the Moon is in Capricorn, she brings out our practical aptitude and a gift for the bigger picture and overview. People with Moon in Capricorn are good friends to have because they are .mitted and reliable. It takes them a while to make friends and develop trust, but when you have made it into their inner circle of friends you have a good chance to stay there for a life time. Having friends for life carries the opportunity to witness each others life choices and multiplies our learning through deep insight and .passion. Capricorns are not the most expressive .municators when their feelings are concerned. With the Moon in Capricorn it is not so easy for them telling you that they love you, but they will .e and fix your car when it has broken down. They do things to express their feelings for you and you better learn to appreciate that especially if you have a partner like that. Teaching us Self Mastery and Manifestation Skills What is self mastery? What does it mean for us if we have achieved it? For one it is the inner place of acceptance and surrender to what is. We do not waste time with resistance and struggle with what is. We take it as a place to start our next part of our journey from. We feel the present moment and then move on to where we want to go. Also we have given up trying to control or manipulate others. We then can find stillness in the midst of crisis because we do not rely on others to make us happy or circumstances to be a specific way. Yesterday I listened to a beautiful song of Jan Garret and JD Martin, some of my favorite singers where it says:– I expect the best and bless the rest.– I love that perspective. Abraham Hicks, the originator of the Law of Attraction, talks about the three steps necessary to manifest our intentions and dreams. 1.To begin the process you usually experience something you do not want or like and you send out automatically the request to the universe for something better then your present experience. 2.The universe in its unlimited creativity hears you and holds your desire in a field of potentiality. 3.The last step seems to be the most challenging one for us. To be able to receive the manifestation of your desire, you need to let go of beating the drum of your deficiency and scars city. You then have to align your frequency, your emotional pattern, your thoughts and beliefs to a place that allows you to receive your request. That means you have to find a way to be happy and radiant before you can get the stuff you think will make you happy. That is when you are in the flow and things will fall easily in place for you wherever you turn your attention to. This is what true self mastery is about, learning to master your own thoughts and emotions. Gratitude One fool proven way to do that is to focus on the abundance and all the wonderful things and people you already have in your life. Being grateful automatically raises your frequency and feels good. For me sitting in the morning with my first cup of tea, gazing out the window, listening to the birds waking up will do that. I feel this profound gratefulness for my life and with it the freshness and creative potential of the new day. It is the best part of my day. Quartz Crystals can be a Wonderful Tool to Help You Focus and Anchor your Intentions If you have read other articles of mine you might already know, that I am this passionate gemstone lady who likes to use the metaphysical properties of gemstones to balance and enhance specific frequencies. It has been a life long love affair for me because of all the different dimensions and uses the gemstones have to offer. You can use gemstones to balance friction in your personal horoscope, to beautify yourself with soul jewelry, in meditation for a peaceful mind or just having them as objects of beauty in your home. As a NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I also have used gemstones and especially crystals as anchors for specific intentions for many years. In NLP we use specific anchors to help recreate states of empowerment to align with resources when needed. Like you could set an anchor for a feeling of confidence, centeredness and a calm mind into a small crystal you carry in your pocket for your job interview. Just holding your crystal in your hand will evoke those emotions and will help you through your interview with a sense of assuredness. I have a crystal sitting in front of me at my .puter to help me stay focused, concentrated and open to the universal creative force to help me with my writing. In a way I only have to get my body to the .puter and allow the flow of words to .e through. Crystal is one of the true birthstones for Capricorns and will always help us concentrate, focus, and bring the light of consciousness into areas of shadow, darkness or unconsciousness. What Crystal Quartz is Symbolizing –Crystal Quartz is the manifestation of light, clarity, concentration, and perfect crystallization, a metaphor for our own search for perfection. If you examine a single crystal you will see that as it grows it more and more clearly developed and defined toward the tip. You can also see the six sides of the crystal, corresponding to the first six chakras in the body, with the tip of the crystal corresponding to the crown chakra. In this way Quartz is a perfect mirror for our own process of growth as we move from confused or unenlightened to a state of increasing awareness and clarity on our path to higher consciousness.– (This is taken from my book: Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones That Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul, published by Llewellyn) I hope you enjoyed this article and like my astrological musings. If that is so I invite you to .e to my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog for a regular update on the universal flow in the heavens. I am often talking about the special qualities of gemstones and how we can use them for our practical and spiritual benefit. If you have a question or .ment, do not hesitate to connect with me. I love to hear your gemstone stories and experiences. Aloha and many blessings, Shakti. Shakti Carola Navran: astrologer, jeweler and author About the Author: 相关的主题文章: