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Power and endurance to upgrade a new morning know beans D2S depth test – Sohu automobile Sohu E electric car park [October], I open new beans D2S to take pictures, when the roadside rest by the crowd of onlookers (of course not because I look like a movie star, but because everyone curious about knowledge beans) so, I had the following dialogue: with the passers-by passers-by: " this car looks really cute! " " have you been on the market? How much money to buy? ". I: " just listed, 56 thousand and 800 yuan ". Stranger: " is it charge? How far can you run? " I: " can open 180 km! " passerby: " good hey! Buy a car like this, pick up the child to learn very good! " tell the truth! The two day test drive the new bean D2S, answer the question not hundreds of times, and then I can know when training a bean salesman. However, it is undeniable that everyone looks like this M beans generally small guy is still very interested in. Since everyone is so interested in it, let me have a detailed experience of this just listed soon know beans D2S. The background of the brand know beans beans known this brand can be regarded as a leader of the new energy automotive industry, said the reason he is outstanding because he didn’t just like a car with the background of manufacturers, production license of public and Geely to make a product, but because of the time and location of the mini car listed earlier, has been widely the attention of the market, know beans precise market positioning, limitless future of his future is not to be ignored, really lead the development of new energy vehicles China, market driven consumer products I don’t think this kind of superior Tesla foreign brands, but as the local enterprises know beans go PFP route. From the earliest D1 to today’s D2S just 1-2 years, a total of 3 research and development of beans. From the earliest D1 to D2S, know beans in terms of products progress obvious to people, remember the last time when driving D2 models, it is difficult to speed up to 80 km, so only in the far right lane road, often by which " " bully, D2S cart; now on a lifting power can I run forward, carefree and content in the fast lane.                                                   相关的主题文章: