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Writing Writing style reflects the personality of a writer. On any given subject two persons will write differently. If they are asked to use the same set of facts the result would still be different. This difference is due to their different styles of writing. This writing style is responsible for versatility in the literature. Whenever you write it is this writing style that stamps your uniqueness on that writing. As a human being each one of has capacity to feel and express. But due to difference in genetic makeup and upbringing patterns we be.e more efficient in some expressions than other. Some of us are more .ic than others. Some are more dramatic. Some write suspense better. How does it happen? As I noted before it depends on genetic makeup and upbringing. Your genetic temperament is a major contribute to your style. So is your childhood exposures impression and experiences. Both there is one factor that is modifiable and that is totally under our control is PRACTICE. Each of us is capable of feeling each and every emotion that humans can feel though might not be that well endowed to express it. But that can be learned and with practice mastered. First step is to see what triggers your interest most. If you like something than mastering that be.es easier. Read in detail the subject you like or intend to write upon from the available literature. You will find that you like some authors better than others. They are the one who catch your fancy when you go through their works. Study them in details and note down how they bring out the subject. See how they introduce to the topic? How do they approach any topic? How is their opening paragraph constructed and how do they follow the sequence of events which intends at providing information or finishing a story or whatever? No! Do not imitate. This practice of reading was just to have an idea. The actual work starts now. Now is the step two. You need simply to WRITE! Take a topic, ponder over it and go. Write on anything you like. As you continue these practice sessions you are training your grey cells to establish connections that will speed up the functions necessary to the faculty of expressions. By and by it .es into your habit. Write & evaluate. Revise and revaluate. Repeat the cycle till you think cannot make it better. Another essential aspect of faculty of expression is increase in your vocabulary. If your vocabulary is limited you seriously limit your power of expression. Vocabulary is the essential tool for any writer. Vocabulary empowers you to bring the versatility in your style. It empowers you to put finesse in your work. Vocabulary expansion .es from constant inculcation of the new word meanings. Whenever you read or hear a new word, look for its meaning. Do not approximate the meaning when you do not know or are not sure of the way the word is being used. Instead note it down and look up for its meaning whenever you get the time. As a writer it is very important to develop this habit. You have to know the word and its proper usage. Only then you can frame those meaningful, intriguing and impressive sentences. If done well this practice is very rewarding. To add fun to your learning you can do crosswords and other word games. Learn any way you want but learn it well. As you continue writing and expand your vocabulary you will enjoy your capacity to express. Slowly and slowly you will develop your own unique writing style. It involves hard work but it is very rewarding one. In next article we will focus on writing for internet. Till then. copyright Arun Pal Singh About the Author: By: jaspreet sason – Technology means machines and devices developed by scientific way. With Technology word, the things that strike in our mind are Success, development and progress. This is true, because with the development of new technologies we are leading towards success. 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