Pregnant woman for her husband to drive a taxi was a male passenger in the middle of the resistance

Original title bite her husband was pregnant women taxi male passenger molesting resistance: pregnant women for her taxi was male passenger molesting Chinese daily news (reporter Intern Wang Jiaxin ho Fu dream start) has recently been guilty, if that did not let the wife in the family way drive alone to charge is good. In late September 27th 9 pm, a taxi driver Mr. he dragged his exhausted body back to the Fengqing Road near the home of his wife, Tian Han (a pseudonym) husband, offered to help him with the twelve electric taxi Fengcheng road charging station, and take advantage of the night driving. "I’m really tired, but his wife home, I also repeatedly reminded her not soliciting, she should be the one to go." Yesterday, talking about this thing, Mr. ho is full of regret. Because Han Tian is still a lingering fear, yesterday she refused to meet the requirements of the China Daily reporter, by telephone about the incident. Han Tian said, her night from the ring road from south to north, to the Yuxiang near the door, a man wearing a man hailed, "was really hesitated, but that the rejection of the complaint, but the taxi is so bad, thinking can get a take one". A man said to "Hu Jiamiao" to Han Tian, he put a man on the side frame driving position, and then left. "I thought it was two. I didn’t think there was one. Well, I still don’t have the experience. I’m not supposed to let the passengers sit in the front row." Han Tian said, "on the copilot man has been back on the seat, squinting, should be drinking, but I didn’t smell a strong smell of alcohol." Han Tian said, the car driving for a while, the man will head to her right arm, she warned, the man sitting upright, but not for a while and put foot on the side on the bridge, she reminded the man. Look at the man rules, Han Tian is not thinking about money, let him take the other car, but the man did not promise. "Fast train traveling to the nearby station underground passage, he suddenly the whole people jumped on me, my body is still groping hands. I parked the car in the middle of the road, and he tore up, he was still my left temple near the bite wound of the two days. I was placed in the side of the mobile phone out, my husband made a phone call, the tear, the phone fell to the ground, I shouted two times the current position." Han Tian said sad. I heard my lover crying on the phone, feeling bad, immediately take a friend’s car to the accident site. 15 minutes later, when I arrived, the man’s right hand was still holding my lover’s hand, his left hand still around my lover’s waist. I quickly took my lover out of the car." Mr. He said. Fortunately, after examination, Tian Han fetus situation is stable. "If I had a baby, I was……" Tian Han could hardly speak, "this kind of thing, but the psychological damage, the parties and their families even did not say sorry." Yesterday, the China Daily reporter from the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of the bus handling this the six brigade learned someone’s man on suspicion of molesting Xingju, the case is being investigated. Reporters also from the man’s sister 7相关的主题文章: