Prevention and treatment of urticaria in autumn manual wh60a

Baby autumn urticaria Prevention Manual [Abstract] "Qiu Qian" is a high incidence of skin diseases in autumn. Many patients at the onset of early, thought to be caused by mosquito bites itch, did not pay more attention to. Autumn urticaria urticaria commonly known as "little knowledge of wheal" and "rash", is a common and complex etiology of skin vascular reactivity allergic skin disease. Autumn urticaria, just as its name implies is the onset of autumn urticaria. The cause of this type of urticaria is closely related to the season. Especially in Sichuan, where the climate is humid and humid, it is particularly easy to breed bacteria. "The autumn wind sweeps the fallen leaves", vivid and the image tells us the autumn wind is very formidable. The wind in this season, not only blows away the flowers leaves, has also become a disseminator of bacteria, the bacteria spread to the human body surface. In autumn, the weather is still a bit heat, people exposed skin, became a hotbed of bacteria nourish. In addition to seasonal factors, the most common reason is because of food allergies and infections. Food allergies are common food, people often think of some of the "Volatile", such as fish, shrimp, shellfish and other seafood. In fact, any food can cause urticaria. Chocolate, peanuts, tomatoes, garlic, onions, etc.. Even food additives and preservatives in some foods can cause. The typical cutaneous manifestations of typical clinical manifestations of urticaria is often the first autumn skin itching, then appear red or white wheal. Whealing indefinite position, size and shape, can be heavy light, and. Common nails or five cent coin size, slightly higher in the skin around the beginning of the damage is more sparse, slightly red color around the central, slightly white, clear boundary, usually round or oval, to spread around each other, can be integrated into the film, for the performance of the irregular shape map, can be generalized to the whole body. It is noteworthy that the 1, it is worth noting that the autumn urticaria as a kind of allergic disease, not only can occur on the surface, but also can occur in the internal organs. A typical example is the reaction of the digestive tract, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.. Severe acute urticaria in autumn can also occur in the throat, causing laryngeal edema, affecting the respiratory tract smooth, easy to cause respiratory disorders, common syndrome hypoxia and a series of symptoms of hypoxia, will seriously affect the function of organs, and lead to more serious complications. 2, a lot of patients suffering from urticaria in autumn, because wear personal clothing, such as: socks, belts and other elastic at the mouth of the skin can often have a severe itching. This is because allergic skin disease becomes more sensitive to stress. Remind patients suffering from urticaria or the best to wear loose clothing, so as not to cause serious consequences. [Abstract] "Qiu Qian" is a high incidence of skin diseases in autumn. Many patients at the onset of early, thought to be caused by mosquito bites itch, did not pay more attention to. The prevention and treatment of urticaria in modern western medicine on acute urticaria mainly symptomatic treatment, use of drugs to reduce allergic reactions, such drugs have inhibitory effects on the central nervous system, there may be some drowsiness, burnout, occupation should be used with caution. In the local rub lotion or powder can relieve itching. Urticaria is a kind of complex disease,.相关的主题文章: