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Home-Improvement Regardless of the importance many people place on their garage, most think that sweeping and hosing their garage floor once or twice a year is all the care it requires. In reality, the garage floor takes more abuse in short period of time than most of the other floors of the home take in a lifetime, and the load they are asked to bear can be significant. In addition to the abuse the floor suffers, they are also subject to spills of many corrosive products with little regard to their future. Typically, a garage floor is made of a poured concrete slab, generally thick enough to withstand the weight of an average vehicle. However, some floors are little more than dirt covered with a thin layer of gravel in order to control the costs of building a protective area for the family vehicle or other equipment used around the property. Although it is often ignored, the garage floor is an important part of the building and can be costly to repair or replace if left unattended. Small chips and cracks in the surface of the garage floor can quickly turn into larger chips and cracks, allowing spilled chemicals or products from a leaking vehicle to pe.rate the surface. On top of that, the garage is often used as an extension of the interior living area for hosting larger gatherings and a clean, well maintained floor makes it more attractive for that purpose. Keeping Floor Clean to Make It Last How much time the garage floor will require to be kept clean will be up to how it is used. If the owner parks their car in the garage with very little else, regular sweeping and an occasional rinse with the garden hose will generally keep it clean. However, those that perform different types of work in their garage, often spilling dirt or chemicals, may require much more labor to maintain the floor. Those that want to use their garages for entertaining more often, may consider using a special covering on the garage floor to make it more attractive to visitors. Rubberized floor coverings as well as garage floor tile can withstand the rigors of holding a vehicle as well as the chemicals that may tend to drip from the vehicles, helping to maintain the floor as well as making a good appearance. A good sealer can also help stop chemicals from pe.rating the surface of the garage floor and damaging the concrete. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: