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Pu Taixia sent Mingfu Greentown downgrade " Han Shuai Hong; conspiracy theory " Sohu – collapse of itself P. 2-2, Pu Taixia led the Yanbian flight team draw with Hangzhou Greentown team, personally leading South Korean fellow Mingfu Hong Hangzhou Greentown team sent to the armor. This not only makes super relegation issues become clear that no longer burn brain, before the outside world of endless speculation also responded with the process and result, shattered the conspiracy theory of mutual help South Korea. In the end the most difficult downgrade ushered in the burning brain, which is also known as one of the most recent relegation season stalemate. At the end of the round there are four teams in life on the line, Hangzhou Greentown, Changchun Thailand, Tianjin TEDA and Liaoning Hongyun are likely to downgrade, in which the most dangerous situation for Hangzhou greentown. The five South Korean coach in the camp will be directly involved in the final round of the relegation battle, especially Pu Taixia led the Yanbian team leader Hong Mingfu Fuld and Hangzhou Greentown team will direct dialogue, so before the game about South Korea to help the coach will help the message be said is with every detail vividly described. In addition, this season, Yanbian food and Hangzhou Greentown first round confrontation, then in the relegation zone even in the state of Hangzhou Greentown im Yanbian flight home court to get the three points, let Greentown temporarily escape the relegation zone, so to help South Korea before the "conspiracy theory" is rampant. But the game started, already Wuyuwuqiu Fuld Yanbian team is still the strongest array attack. Thus, Pu Taixia did not mean the water on the team. Although thirtieth minutes in the relegation of Hangzhou Greentown team with Ramon scoring lead, but soon after, Yanbian flight team with a garland to break the equaliser than yin. At this time, several other teams avoid relegation have lead, Hangzhou Greentown has one foot in the armor. Easy side battles, Yanbian flight team and not because of the equaliser and meet, but is constantly attacked, Portsmouth taixia is constantly summoned to ensure that the team with the best performance. While the performance of the team is not responsible for his expectations, seventieth minutes, Nicola broke, Yanbian flight counter ultra score. From the end of the game 20 minutes, the other is still leading the relegation rivals, Hangzhou Greentown appears to have been set to life. Although ninety-third minutes, Hangzhou Greentown team with a penalty equaliser, but it is difficult to change, in other situations when relegation rivals have this draw, Hangzhou Greentown, only allow yourself to stand down in the league. It is worth mentioning that, Hangzhou Greentown in 2000 acquired the first team in Yanbian, began a B journey, and this time to send them into a medium, but also the Yanbian team. Throughout the game, no matter is the process or result is worth mentioning, Pu Taixia in this field really is "the real thing" and a fellow Hong Mingfu recklessly. The score of 2-2 is also the way to let the brain does not burn Hangzhou Greentown downgrade, zhanba 30 Hangzhou Greentown product 32 points, several other relegation rivals are 36 and 35, only the last round of already ironclad Baoji Shandong Luneng, the game lost to integral fixed in 34 points. This integral situation is clear, and did not appear before the same point of the forecast, then the relationship between the outcome and even more complex相关的主题文章: