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Pure green travel solar electric vehicle to raise public landing Tencent digital news (Newsboy) due to the effect of fuel vehicles on the environment, the electric car is expected to become the new target of automobile development in the future, but it is not the true sense of the green environmental protection, because the "power" is not green energy. If the car can also like street lights, relying on solar charging operation, it is a real green travel. Currently, all the chips on the site KickStarter appeared on a project called Sion solar car to raise public. According to the project description, Sion is a self charging electric vehicle, integrated photovoltaic energy template 7.2 square meters area, thickness of 8 mm in the body, configuration of 50KW motor, the fastest speed can reach 140 Road, rely on daily solar charge can travel 30 kilometers away. According to statistics, the average daily average driving distance of 22 kilometers of fuel vehicles. Of course, in order to prevent the use of solar energy is not enough, the developer also provides charging pile charging function. Developers provide two Sion models, one is EXTENDER, if the use of charging, 40 minutes full power, mileage of 250 kilometers, the car is priced at $17 thousand and 600 (about 117 thousand yuan). Another name is URBAN, 30 minutes charge of 80%, the maximum mileage of about 120 km, priced at $13 thousand and 200 (about 88 thousand yuan). Developers to provide a low maintenance Sion system, all parts can be ordered to the company’s official website. The website provides the installation of video, so even if there is no professional knowledge of car users, can also do it yourself installation and maintenance, so as to save a lot of maintenance workers. Solar panels, as thin as paper, transparent Sion can be curled up in the interior of the car with ordinary fuel can not be compared, but also provides a dashboard. In addition, the car also offers a unique moss that can be used to filter and purify the air. The cultivation of these moss, do not need too much user operation, because it can get water from the air. Other configuration of this car consists of 6 seats, long 4.1 meters in length, the five door design, belongs to a medium-sized car, more suitable for family travel tour. The congregation raised supporters of the current can be scheduled to Sion solar car, of which $11 thousand and 700 (about 78 thousand yuan) for UBRAN models and test drive, compared to retail price 12% cheaper; $15 thousand and 600 (about 104 thousand yuan) can pre order EXTENDER and drive, compared to the retail price of cheap 12%. Source: indiegogo life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: