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Putin: Russia ready to stop military provocation and aggression in Moscow in February 20, Xinhua (reporter Hu Xiaoguang) Russian President Dmitry Putin said 20 days, the Russian armed forces task is ready to make a rapid and appropriate response to potential threats, to stop any provocation or Russian aggression. According to Russian news website of President Putin on the same day in celebration of the "defenders of the fatherland party," said in a speech, the recent period of Russia adopted a series of major measures to consolidate the army. Ability, strategic deterrence forces aerospace forces and Navy’s potential increases year by year, the deployment of key strategic direction has been strengthened. Military training and military combat training and constantly improve the level of communication, the most modern and by means of command. The army planned equipment of the latest weapons and military technology and equipment. Putin said that the Russian military has been the country’s strong pillar and national stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity protection, a symbol of national dignity and strength. The consolidation and development of the armed forces and the Russian all military organization is always the most important task of the country. Putin of the Russian military action in Syria to give a high evaluation. He said that the Russian military operations in Syria, is to defend Russia’s interests, regarded Russia as the enemy and destroy those who are trying to expand to Russia and CIS militants. Editor: Chen Yan SN225

普京:俄军需时刻准备制止挑衅和侵略行为   新华社莫斯科2月20日电(记者胡晓光)俄罗斯总统普京20日说,俄武装力量的任务是时刻准备对潜在威胁做出迅速和适当的回应,制止针对俄的任何挑衅或侵略行为。   据俄总统网站发布的消息,普京当天在庆祝“祖国保卫者日”晚会上发表讲话说,最近一段时期俄采取一系列重大措施巩固军队。空天部队和海军的能力、战略遏制部队的潜力一年年增大,关键战略方向的部署得到加强。军队的军事训练和战斗训练水平不断提高,最现代化的通讯和指挥手段得到运用。部队有计划地装备最新式武器和军事技术设备。   普京说,俄军一直是国家的牢固柱石和国家稳定、主权及领土完整的保障,象征着国家的尊严和力量。巩固和发展武装力量及俄所有军事组织将始终是国家的最重要任务。   普京对俄军人在叙利亚的行动给予高度评价。他表示,俄军人在叙利亚作战,是在捍卫俄的利益,消灭那些视俄为敌人并企图向俄与独联体扩张的武装分子。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: