Raiders 21 x the world’s first curved gaming debut – the digital Sohu imjpmig

Raiders 21 X the world’s first curved gaming debut – the Sohu digital         Acer Acer in Berlin 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) published during the Predator series of new gaming predators around the world, including the first gaming notebook surface predator   21   X, and display integration of eye tracking technology the three leading industry, completely subvert the existing game player game experience. In addition, Acer also launched Predator   and   15  predator; predator; Predator   17 two gaming notebook NVIDIA®   GeForce®   GTX  1060    GTX  1070  upgrade section.   Predator  X:   21  predator; the one and only the flagship gaming notebook surface; Predator  X     predator 21    Predator;   predator 21  X is the world’s first curved gaming notebook, with wide screen 21 inch IPS panel, with 2560  x  1080 screen resolution, wide the view will allow the game player completely immersed in the game among the sensory shock. In order to enhance the player’s interaction with the game, Predator  21  X integration of eye tracking technology, and curved screen with a more immersive game experience. Tobii  eye tracking technology by tracking eye movements for game player, game player can use attention to aim and switch focus, collocation keyboard can perform an attack or weapons conversion action, provide a more natural and intuitive gameplay. Predator  21  X equipped with the new seventh generation Intel core ®   TM series processor and SLI mode dual VIDIA®   GeForce®   GTX  1080 display chip, collocation support NVIDIA®   G-SYNC screen, providing the ultimate smooth and tear screen without visual experience. Built in Predator  SoundPound  4.2+  four to two subwoofer speakers collocation, plus   Dolby®   Audio technology, build the sights and sounds of deep range and stunning.           Predat.相关的主题文章: