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Careers-Employment I believe that here in US we are in one of the worst economic times since the great Depression. Lets face it the previous recessions were not caused by so many factors as this one is. We have the real estate market crises , the credit crisis, manufacturing industry sends more and more jobs overseas, unemployment rates are pretty high and on top of all this the gas price keeps on going up affecting almost every sector of our economy. Not a very optimistic landscape. The biggest problem that we are facing is the lack of jobs. Years ago after you got a job you felt pretty secure for a while knowing that youll have an income. Nowadays we see a lot of companies contracting people only for short periods of time, cutting into the benefits packages or paid holidays. What should you do in this situation? Are you laid off and looking for a career. You just finished high school and not sure what college or career you should follow? Here are 5 careers in which you are more likely to keep your job in though times where massive layoffs take place. 1)Nurse salary $55,000 As long as people get sick there will be a need for somebody to help them get healthy. Not only that this occupation is anticipated to be in big demand over the next 10 years but for the right people it can bring a lot of personal satisfaction in the process of saving lives or preventing illnesses. 2) Police Officer salary $49,000 In recession times people become more desperate. Crime doesn’t stop in a recession actually it increases as unemployment rates rise. Layoffs in this industry are rare. When police officers lose their jobs because of budget cuts, it usually doesnt take them too long to find a job in the neighboring cities because the demand for this kind of jobs is so high. 3) Teacher Salary $51,000 Education is one thing that people will look to achieve regardless if we are in a booming economy or in a downturn. The teachers can create a better future for our kids. In the uncommon case that a teacher is laid off, he can easily offer tutoring session until he finds a full time job again. 4) Environmental Engineer salary $55,000 Nowadays more then ever before we hear about the global worming, protecting the planet or going green. The demand for environmental careers like hydrologists, environmental chemists or ecologists is expected to increase over 25 % in the next 10 years. If you enjoy protecting the nature this career option is the perfect fit for you. 5)Government Jobs Firings and lay-offs in the federal government jobs happens at just the rate in private sector which makes the government jobs some of the most stable. Even in hard economic times the government system must go on. I know that by giving you these 5 recession proof careers I just scratch the surface trying to advise you as far as what career to choose. This might one of the most important decision that you may take so dont rush , take your time in analyzing future career trends, how many opening a certain career has in your area and last but not least how much will you be making per year. About the Author: In tough economic times you need a job that not only pays well but is also secure. For a list of fastest growing careers in America go to ..wagehub.. . Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions. Make sure you make the right choice. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: