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Organizing Womens rights are the entitlements claimed for women and girls of many societies worldwide. These rights may be institutionalized or supported by law and local customs or may all together be ignored and suppressed. They differ from the broader perspective of human rights through claims of an inherent historical and traditional bias of rights by women and girls in favor of men and boys. Relief India trust is .mitted to addressing the issues associated with womens rights which include, but not limited to, the right to; bodily integrity and autonomy; suffrage ( the right to vote); to work; to fair wages; to equal pay; to own property; to education; to hold public office an to have parental and marital rights. Women in India face many challenges that impede their advancement socially and economically. Discriminatory family codes illiteracy and cultural stigmas are the main challenges. Heightened campaigns by the Relief India trust has raised pressure on the government to raise the level of dialogue and reform the institutional treatment of women in a rapidly modernizing society. This has seen more of enforcement of laws that address the plight of women in the society. Government is closely monitored to check laxity and ignorance on issues affecting women. The court system has been put in the spotlight over its approach to cases touching womens rights violation. There is a more legal representation for women whose rights have been violated and this ensures justice and transparency. One of the major elements hampering womens rights progress is the chronically low level of female political representation in parliament. This calls for empowerment of more women to vie for political office. In giving education to the girl child Relief India trust nurtures leaders for the future by giving them a fighting chance which would be absent if the women were illiterate. The formation of women’s lobby groups has been spearheaded by the trust. This ensures that bills in parliament that address womens interests go through to bring about institutional change in the legal framework. At the grass roots level, Relief India trust together with other stakeholders are working together with the male .munity in an effort to elevate women in the society. This is done through giving women to ply roles previously held by men and celebrating their success or confidence building. The cause for women to realize their rights noble as it is cannot be achieved without them (women) being aware of the rights and what the constitution says about them. Relief India trust has brought on board legal experts to ensure that women are aware of their rights. Civil education forums have been carried out widely in order make sure a majority of women is involved in the championing for their rights, needless to say that knowledge is power. Economic empowerment is an effective way of ensuring women gains their rightful place in the .munity. Women dependent of themselves are less likely to be abused. Relief India trust offers modes of self employment by distribution of equipment like sewing machines and baking ovens to self help groups formed by women. Rights to property ownership have also been advocated for with significant success over the years. The main challenges are illiteracy, lack of representation and cultural belief that still hinder the advocacy and the realization of these rights. With the stumbling blocks being changed into stepping stones, the realization of womens rights is not a pipe dream. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: