Rockets rookie Yao Ming fans he makes me feel too small (video)

Rockets rookie Yao Ming fans change: he makes me feel too small NBA game China Promo rocket shaken out four times to China sports news October 9th war harden eyebrows Tencent according to the "Houston Chronicle" news, the Rockets are preparing for the Shanghai Chinese match, NBA activities prior to the care of Yao Ming, and the two Hall of fame Mutombo players appeared, two people still together competition played a free throw, the Rockets rookie Ounu Acoo also turned fans, he said, and Yao Ming stood together, make yourself look very small. The Rockets rookie turned Yao Ming fans in the activities NBA concern yesterday, Yao Ming and Mutombo the two old friends met again, when it comes to Yao Ming, Mutombo also seemed very excited. "It’s so exciting to see Yao and the Rockets’ old friends here." Mutombo said, "Yao Ming is my former teammates, is one of my best friends, I spent several years playing in Houston, there are many good memories there, get back here full of memories, we are like a family reunion." After the end of the event, Yao Ming and Mutombo on the field was a free throw match, although it is recognized as a free throw, but ultimately win the game, but Uncle Mu is the game, but in the end of the game, but in the end of the game, but it is the uncle of the game, but it is the uncle of the. Two see the Rockets rookie Ounu Acoo rockets legend together contest, also join in the fun to pick up the rebound, just because he really want to close contact with the two legends, for the 19 year old Ounu Argentina, all this is like dreaming, but it is interesting to note that when Mutombo entered the league in 1991, as this. Acoo birth time five years earlier. "It’s not true." Ounu Acoo said, "they are Hall of Famer, I was starstruck, I would like to come and see them, two of them make the first time I ever feel small, especially Yao Ming." The height of 2 meters and 08 Ounu Acoo Shun was drafted in the second round of this year’s thirty-seventh, the beast inside out of the ordinary place is his end type urinal in career free throws, the beginning of two to see the rocket legend, and participate in the interaction, Ounu Acoo not virtual trip. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: