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Ross: the new season fighting bulls to win hope to four will return to the playoffs – Sports Sohu   September 8th Beijing time, according to media reports, in an interview, Nicks player Ross said, the new season when former club bulls, then obviously want to win in his opinion at the same time, hope that the new season with Anthony Pohl Zingis, Li, and Nuo A together to help Nicks to return to the playoffs. The following is the main content of the interview: Q: a lot of people are questioning the history of your injury, but Anthony Nicks think you are a good start, what do you think? Ross: I know they know me and I’m willing to give everything for the victory. They know I’m a good player. I think it’s all a blessing to be able to play in such a big city. Q: what will you think of your new season as an opponent to the Bulls? Ross: No, I don’t have any particular emotions. Even if I want to play against them, it’s just a normal game. No matter how, when I played my will to win. Q: now is your new teammates Bohr Tianjin Keith, what do you think of him for you? Ross: I don’t know what’s going to happen. I need to roll with him? If Anthony had the ball, then I need to do without the ball like? I think we’re going to play fast and use the triangle offense. But now no one knows. Q: talk about your teammates, Nuo A is also in Nicks. How will his toughness help the team? Ross: we need players like Nuo A and that’s why I recruited him. I think the team needs to have any crown this lineup configuration, now we have Anthony, Nuo A, Poljin, Courtney Lee Hodges and me, we have five personal physical condition is very good, all belong to the type of tall in corresponding positions. Q: what do you expect from the new season? Ross: I have my own, but I just want to win. I feel fun and win is my two goal of the season. I want to go back to the playoffs and see how far I can go. (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章: