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Russian media: Russian scientists have developed a "moon dual-use" tunneling robot – Shaanxi channel — original title: Russian media: Russian scientists have developed a "moon dual-use" tunneling robot people news according to Russian satellite news Chinese information line news, expert of Russian Academy of Sciences Siberia branch of coal and Coal Chemical Research Institute and Tomsk University of science and technology develop mining robot in operation, including the lunar soil and rock in any cylindrical tunnel. In addition, the robot can also be used to assist the emergency department on earth to carry out rescue operations from ruins, or to lay underground communication pipelines and underground traffic arteries. According to the Siberia science news, the robot is cylindrical, without the usual track of the tunnel boring machine, and more flexible. Generally, the tunnel excavating equipment can only move straight ahead, but the robot can dig along the arc path of 25 degrees of inclination. Its underground speed is up to 6 meters per hour. The robot can be used to dig subway tunnels, and can also be used for rescue work under collapsed houses and mines. Due to the use of advanced composites and alloys, the robot weighs only 25 tons, 1/6 of the weight of today’s similar robots. This small mass makes it possible to be transported to the moon and used to build underground moon bases. Russian scientists consider using remote control to control robots. According to earlier reports, the Russian space group is studying the construction of a maximum capacity of 12 lunar base project. The construction of the moon base is scheduled to start in 2035. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li)

俄媒:俄科学家研制出“地月两用”隧道挖掘机器人–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:俄媒:俄科学家研制出“地月两用”隧道挖掘机器人   人民网讯 据俄卫星新闻中文信息专线消息,俄罗斯科学院西伯利亚分院煤炭与煤化学研究所与托木斯克理工大学的专家研制出能够在包括月球在内任何土壤和岩体中作业的圆柱形隧道挖掘机器人。此外,该机器人也可用于在地球上协助紧急情况部从废墟下开展救援作业,或用于铺设地下通讯管线和地下交通干线。   据《西伯利亚科学新闻》杂志报道称,机器人呈圆柱形,没有当前隧道掘进机所惯用的履带,行动也更加灵活。一般的隧道挖掘设备只能直线前行,该机器人却可沿倾斜角25度的弧形路径进行挖掘。它的地下行进时速最高可达6米。该机器人可用于挖掘地铁隧道,也可被用来在坍塌的房屋和矿井下开展救援工作。   由于采用了先进的复合材料和合金,该机器人的重量只有25吨,是目前同类机器人重量的六分之一。这样小的质量令其可以被运送至月球,用于建设地下月球基地。俄科学家考虑采用遥控方式控制机器人。   据早前报道,俄航天集团正在研究建设最多可容纳12人的月球基地的项目。月球基地建设工作计划于2035年前启动。 (责编:李静、王丽)相关的主题文章: