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Russian media: Turkey exporters because of sanctions against Russia faced bankruptcy in the original title: Media: Turkey exporters because of sanctions against Russia facing bankruptcy [global network reporter Juppe reported: according to the Russian satellite news network February 25th news, Turkey’s "world news" (Dü nya) quoted a report called the Mediterranean Union exporters, Russia sanctions a huge blow to Turkey’s exports of fresh fruits and vegetables, if the fruit and vegetable industry is not state support will face bankruptcy. The report said that Russia is an important market for fruits and vegetables industry in Turkey, Russia banned the importation of vegetables and fruits in Turkey, the first month of 2016, Turkey’s exports of fruits and vegetables fell by 88% compared with the same period last year, exports fell 87%. The report also said that Ankara had tried to find a market to replace Russia, in order to ease the crackdown brought by Russian sanctions, but did not achieve results. Only by relying on the support of the state can we reduce the losses. "World newspaper" inferred that if the country does not help, Turkey fruit and vegetable industry will face from manufacturers to exporters in all aspects of bankruptcy. In November 24, 2015, a Russian Soviet -24 fighter bomber was shot down by Turkey F16 fighter in Syria, and the Russian Turkish Relations suffered a crisis. Since then, Russia has imposed a series of sanctions against Turkey’s economy. Editor: the flourishing SN123

俄媒:土耳其出口商因俄制裁面临破产   原标题:媒体:土耳其出口商因俄制裁面临破产   [环球网报道 记者 朱佩]据俄罗斯“卫星”新闻网2月25日消息,土耳其《世界报》(Dünya)援引地中海出口商联盟的一份报告报道称,俄罗斯的制裁对土耳其新鲜水果蔬菜的出口带来巨大打击,若果蔬行业得不到国家支持就将面临破产。   报告称,俄罗斯是土耳其果蔬业的重要市场,俄罗斯禁止进口土耳其蔬菜水果后,土耳其2016年第一个月的果蔬出口量与去年同比下降88%,出口额下降87%。   报告还称,安卡拉曾试图寻找能够代替俄罗斯的市场,以缓和俄罗斯制裁带来的打击,但是并未取得成效。唯有依靠国家加大支持力度才能减少损失。   《世界报》推断称,如果国家不助其一臂之力,土耳其果蔬业将面临从生产商到出口商的各个环节的破产。   2015年11月24日俄罗斯一架苏-24战斗轰炸机在叙利亚境内被土耳其F16战机击落后,俄土关系遭遇危机。此后俄罗斯对土耳其经济实施了一系列制裁措施。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: