Samsung smart belt welt will produce $69 price – Sohu digital shuyue

Samsung smart belt WELT will produce a price of $69 – Sohu digital   (WELT);     remember this year CES Samsung Innovation Laboratory (C-Lab) launched the smart belt it? Now it is going to mass production, and the price is only $69 (about 460 yuan). With the success of Fitbit Bracelet products, the user’s acceptance of smart wearable products become increasingly high.         in addition, a healthy lifestyle has become a new fashion for people to pursue, and this belt is very good for the role of health supervisors. WELT with a belt like ordinary belt, but it can change your waist tracking and intelligent mobile phone, data transfer to you so you do not need to tighten their belts will know they are not the weight loss.         in addition to waist circumference, this belt is also built up by a pedometer, than pocket heavy mobile phone more convenient. In addition, it can monitor your sitting time every day, to prevent the harm of sitting on the body.         since it is a smart wearable device, you can not mention life. Officials say WELT’s life can be up to 20 hours, so it also needs a full day. With the use of intelligent belt connection speed is very fast, in the application of the user can also set goals and get accurate feedback.         the appearance of WELT is not ambiguous, it is ready for a variety of different user profile design, anyone can buy their own smart belt.相关的主题文章: