Saturday race 050 Lyon continue to win or win the red disc winfast

On Saturday 050 SMG: Leon road continue to red or welcome wear plate victory Saturday 050 French Lorient VS Leon 2016-09-24 23:00 weather: sunny site: Le 21° · Mao situowa Lorient stadium situation: Lorient bottom of the table now, they are only 6 games to get poor 3 points, and lost 5 of those games, the Monday week double match had a chance to Lorient, but they lost in the week after the game, expect in Lyon points may not be realistic. Must admit Lorient recent state really has improved, but not really luck on their side this week, in the face of the state is not good Guingamp, they couldn’t grasp the opportunity in the game, the final opponents attack succeeded. Now the biggest problem is that Lorient team can not find the goal, the team used a single striker, two strikers, or three strikers are unable to solve the problem of the offensive team, the team this season, the team striker has been equipped with 7 players, and the 7 players are on record, but no one scored the goal, from start to now, 6 games the team used 5 different starting line. Leon: status of Lyon in midweek to gain a victory, they can be swept away recently in the League 3 games without embarrassment, the team also recently is expected to usher in a new wave of state, but in the team next week to play in the Champions League, will be part of the effort involved. During the week the team’s poor score 5-1 victory over Montpelier, scoring 6 goals for the team’s main striker Lacazette injured, the team’s midfield attack group played a major role, in fact, the team do have to gradually get rid of dependence for Lacazette, after all, in accordance with the current economic conditions of Lyon, Lacazette left sooner or later. Another point is that the team recently used 361 squad does have certain lethality, through the midfield majority, in front of aggressive, anti robbing form this opportunity to fight back, at least for the Montpelier level team quite useful record: the last 10 games played, Lorient achievement 1 5 wins and 4 negative at a disadvantage, on the season in their home court is at the score of 3-1 to beat. SMG recommended: the value on the road to get Leon, Lorient now questions the team is not resolved before, it is difficult to find the feeling of victory, recommended Leon guest, scoring a total of 2,3.

周六竞彩050:里昂客场继续红 或迎穿盘大胜周六050 法甲 洛里昂VS里昂 2016-09-24 23:00 天气情况:晴21° 场地:勒·茅斯托瓦球场 洛里昂近况: 洛里昂现在在积分榜垫底,他们目前6场比赛只拿到了可怜的3分,并且直接输掉了其中的5场比赛,本周一周双赛对于洛里昂来说本来有机会,但他们在输掉了周中的比赛后,指望在里昂身上拿分可能不现实。 必须承认洛里昂最近的状态确实有好转,但运气确实不在他们这一边,周中面对状态并不好的甘冈,在客场他们没能把握住机会,最终被对手偷袭得手。洛里昂现在队内最大的问题就是找不到进球,无论球队使用单前锋,双前锋,或者是三前锋阵容,都无法解决球队的进攻问题,本赛季球队锋线上已经配备了7名球员,并且这7位球员都有登场纪录,但没有任何一人打入进球,从开赛到现在,球队6场比赛使用了5种不同的锋线首发。 里昂近况: 里昂在周中比赛中收获一场大胜,可以一扫他们最近联赛中3场不胜的尴尬,预计球队最近又要迎来新的一波状态,不过下周中球队要打欧冠,肯定会牵扯一部分精力。 周中球队5-1的悬殊比分大胜蒙彼利埃,为球队打入6球的主力前锋拉卡泽特因伤缺阵,球队的中场攻击群发挥了主要作用,其实球队确实也要逐步摆脱对于拉卡泽特的依赖,毕竟按照里昂现在的经济条件,拉卡泽特出走只是迟早的事情。另外一点就是,球队最近使用的361的阵容确实有一定杀伤力,通过中场人数多的优势,在中前场积极拼抢,就地反抢形成反击机会,这起码对于蒙彼利埃这个级别的球队相当管用 交手战绩: 双方最近交手的10场比赛,洛里昂取得了1胜5平4负的成绩,处于劣势,上赛季他们在主场被里昂以3-1的比分击败。 竞彩推荐: 本场看好里昂在客场继续拿分,洛里昂现在球队的一堆问题没有解决之前,很难找到胜利的感觉,推荐里昂客胜,总进球2,3.相关的主题文章: