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Design for assembly O-rings Posted By: realseal In many core industries, global competition has created a scenario where many mainstream OEM"s are literally breaking even on their production products, and designing customized designs for components so that they can control a more profitable aftermarket.

Silicone seals Why You Need Rubber O Rings And Seal Systems For Your Large Scale Machinery Posted By: realseal When it comes to large scale machinery, you must have seal systems in order for it to function properly. If you do not have this type of system in place, you can have a major disaster on your hands. Rubber o-rings are essential to this sealing system as it helps keep your systems working properly at all times. A good sealing system for your equipment depends on this part in order to work to its full potential. When it comes time to either install or replace seal systems for your equipment, you will find that they are not all that expensive to buy. So, when the time comes to fix this sealing problem you have with your machinery, you will not have to worry about the financial aspect of it. Sometimes, though, all that needs to be replaced is the sealing ring. You can buy rubber O rings for even cheaper than you can the whole sealing system. Since they are so cheap, you may want to keep these on hand just in case anything should happen and you have a leak caused by a faulty seal.

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Silicone seals O Rings – Find The Best O Rings For The Job Posted By: realseal O rings are typically made up of some type of elastomer, which is a type of synthetic rubber. The reason that synthetic materials are used is because they are more durable and can stand up to the job better than natural rubber. These are made to withstand higher pressure and temperatures, and designed for industrial applications where real rubber would fail. Therefore, when you are shopping for silicone seals and o rings, you will be far more likely to find synthetic products than actual rubber ones. There are a lot of different applications for these rings and each different type has a specific purpose that it is designed for. With rubber o-rings, you have to remember that they might not always be actual rubber. In fact, you should be hoping that you’re not investing in actual rubber because it isn’t as strong, durable, or effective as synthetic products. You will need to make sure that you get the right type of elastomer and the proper o ring for whatever application you have in mind. There’s no point in investing in o ring products that don’t actually meet your needs for the purpose that you have, after all.

Silicone seals Not All Rubber O-rings And Seals Manufacturers Are Created Equal Posted By: realseal In order to keep up with the demands of the market, there are just a handful of manufacturing firms in the industry with a functional rubber laboratory on the premises, complete with technical personnel to provide testing AND tech support. From the development of new materials such as rubber o-rings, to PPAP and statistical data capture, their laboratory meets the technical challenges of the market. When in the market for a seals manufacturer, it is important to look for organizations that maintains a working laboratory and chemist on the premises that routinely develop analogs of the materials for targeted applications, and confirm the physical aspects of products and materials like O rings with ASTM testing. These laboratories and technical departments offer several advantages to consumers of rubber, plastic, and specialty seals products as the technical requirements of the industry continue to grow. Remember to look for the recognized leaders in elastomeric material manufacturing and technology that continue to take advantage of advances in material science and manufacturing technology to offer the best in rubber and plastics materials.

p Silicone seals Marks Of The Best Industrial Manufacturer Of Sealing Devices Posted By: realseal When you are in the market for a rubber and plastic sealing devices manufacturer, you can take out two birds with one stone by finding one who is also a distributor of mechanical component goods. Be sure to find out about the level of their technical expertise and ISO 9001 registered status. See if they maintain a stock in their own warehouse and are adept in creating logistical arrangements to maximize customer value. A good O rings and sealing devices manufacturer and distributor will have a quality system of operations designed to ensure integrity in each step of the process, translating to consistent product conformity. An experienced manufacturer and distributor of silicone seals and other mechanical component assets will excel in both injection and compression molding of performance oriented rubber and plastic materials. It will be extremely responsive and will utilize the latest in material and manufacturing technology to provide the proper balance between sound engineering and competitive economies.

Silicone seals Setting Specified Failure Modes Equals Prolonging Equipment Life Posted By: realseal Almost anything can be broken down into smaller components and this is especially helpful in terms of discussing plant equipment and plant processes. The first step to determining failure modes is to think of a system or piece of equipment (down to seals and o-rings) as existing on separate levels to isolate where we think the components may be failing. This methodology ensures that every level of a process or equipment composition is examined for failure modes. Consider this statement: One of the failure modes of an electric motor is that the windings and insulation fail due to high temperature as a result of friction within its individual parts, ie. pistons, gasket seals, etc. How high of a temperature causes the motor windings insulation to fail? If we look at the failure rate of motor insulation, we find that for every 20 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature, the insulation life is cut in half. From this, we can conclude that the insulation in a motor that operates at 160 degrees F continuously will have a very high risk of failure between one and two years under normal operating conditions.

Silicone seals Posted By: realseal They say that, in some cases, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. But if you take the time to look at the parts, there are times when it’s pretty amazing that such a simple part can play such an integral role. Take silicone seals, for example. These simple seals can be used to seal gaskets in applications as simple as motorcycle starters or in applications as delicate and complicated as aeronautics and space flight. It’s incredible that such a simple part could be so integral to the proper function of a much larger and much more complicated whole. Gasket seals are crucial, and it’s important that the seal is as tight as possible. Silicon is an ideal material to use for a gasket seal because it’s pliable, yet resilient. It’s resistant to heat, moisture, and chemical solvents. Only wear and tear seems to have any effect on their seal. When you’re using a good silicon seal, you can rest assured that there won’t be any leakage of any sort, as long as the correct seal is used with the correct gasket.

Silicone seals Performance Oriented Plastic And Rubber Solutions Posted By: realseal Gasket seals are mechanical seals that fill the space between two mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression. Gaskets are commonly produced by cutting from sheet materials, such as gasket paper, rubber, silicone, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, nitrile rubber, fiberglass or a plastic polymer. The material to be used depends on the substance to be sealed, the pressures and temperatures involved, and the materials and mating surfaces to be sealed. Gasket seals have both high and low temperature sealing ability. High temperature resistant head gaskets seal and contain the pressures of combustion within the engine. Gaskets seals are widely used in the automotive industry. Exhaust gaskets provide superior performance in harsh conditions. They are used in exhaust systems for gasoline, diesel and gas turbine engines which are subjected to temperature extremes, corrosion, vibration and thermal shock. Gaskets are also used in high temperature sealing for furnaces, ovens and boilers. They also seal oil passages. Rubber o-rings are designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface. Rubber O-rings are made of synthetic rubbers or elastomers.

Silicone seals Premiere Urethane Components Applications Posted By: realseal Becoming the industry standard for physical toughness, polyurethane sees active service in applications requiring resistance to abrasion, tar, and high tensile strength. Urethane possess a unique molecular structure of tight bonds between soft polyol segments and hard isocyanate segments, creating a strong but flexible elastomeric backbone in gasket seals and other seal systems. Polyurethanes are also unique in that they have a number of serviceable forms, from low strength liquids to highly cross-linked thermoplastics. Real Seal commonly handles the two most often used in the sealing industry; Thermosetting and Thermoplastic. The chemical type of the polyol backbone used when compounding polyurethane material is one of the two major contributors to a specialty seals physical properties and relative chemical resistances, for instance. These are three types normally utilized: Polyester Based: The most commonly used in silicone seals and other seal systems, providing excellent mechanical properties with resistance to hydrocarbon oils and hydraulic oils. Most urethane seals are based on polyesters. Polyether Based: Compounded for better hydrolytic stability and good low temperature properties while maintaining the other excellent properties that urethane possesses.

Silicone seals Choosing A Supplier For Gasket Seals And High Performance O-rings Posted By: realseal If you have any kind of business that relies on rubber o-rings on the user end, you are likely acquainted with how important it is to find the right suppliers to fit your specific situation. You need to find a manufacturer that can meet the quality specifications of your particular job, while bearing in mind the established budget within a reasonable timeframe. Given the wide range of color options and materials, the use of rubber o-rings and gasket seals requirements and production methods available, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding to work with the manufacturer of seal systems Here are some things to consider before selection of rubber mold parts dealer: Customer service considerations. Before you decide a custom supplier of rubber molding for your project, you want to draw attention to how quickly they return phone calls, e-mail answer requests and to turn around quote requests. If the company does not operate until they receive your money, surely they will be even less so once they do.

rubber o-rings Rubber O-rings- High Performance Seals For Many Uses Posted By: realseal Rubber o-rings are designed for a variety of different uses. These high quality and high performance seals can find their place in vehicle engines, industrial applications, and many other types of applications throughout everyday life. A rubber o-ring is usually comprised of a synthetic material that is known as elastomer and it is difficult to find o-rings that are actually made of completely natural rubber because the quality and durability just isn’t there like it is with synthetic products. When you are looking for synthetic rubber o-rings, you have many different styles and types to choose from. There are some factories that are completely focused on creating specialty o-rings for various applications throughout the world. Elastomers are made to provide durability and longevity for users because they can withstand extremely high temperatures and pressure like other products might not. Therefore, when it comes to industrial and other tough environments, synthetic o-rings definitely have the advantage. You need to make sure that you check out the quality and prescribed application of the rubber o-rings that you are going to buy before you invest in anything.

Rubber o-rings Engineered Rubber And Plastics: Running Definitions Posted By: realseal Silicone seals are flexible, water proof sealants that remain elastic after drying. They are non-toxic and have a long life expectancy. Silicone seals hold color well and are unlikely to yellow or fade. Silicone sticks many materials, including glass. It is also highly resistant to most chemicals and a wide range of temperatures. Many kinds of silicone seals are available for different types of household applications. General purpose silicone seals are very durable and stick to most materials. Sanitary silicone contains a fungicide that prevents the formation of mold. It is perfect for use in areas exposed to high levels of moisture, like the bathroom. Glazing silicone dries to a very clear finish, and is used around the edges of mirrors and windows. Frame sealant silicone is extremely tough, durable and resistant to environmental changes and ultraviolet radiation. Rubber o-rings are used for solving sealing problems. Successful seal design ensures adequate seal compressive force while minimizing the destructive force acting on the o-ring. Rubber o-rings are made of a synthetic material called an elastomer that looks, feels and behaves like natural rubber would.

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engineered plastics Maximizing Equipment Life By Identifying Failure Modes Posted By: realseal The RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance) methodology can be used effectively if we just learn about our equipment and its individual components, ie. rubber o-rings. Take a simple component such as a mechanical pump seal as an example. This mechanical seal is made up of some individual components such as O-rings, springs, gasket seals, seal faces, set screws, etc. Understanding all of the ways these components can fail can help us understand how to make the seal last longer. What is a failure mode? A failure mode by RCM definition is any way that a component can fail in your process that will affect operation, rate, quality, or create an environmental, health and safety issue. Below is a list of failure modes for various mechanical seal systems. If we understand and determine the reason for failure in lost cases, the reason can be prevented or eliminated.

rubber o-rings Not Your Run-of-the-mill Seal Application: Seals For High-end Electronics Posted By: realseal High-end electronics with specialized o-rings pose a number of challenges that conventional seal applications do not. While most conventional seal applications focus on media compatibility, physical properties, and longevity, high-end electronics are generally require more emphasis on cleanliness, repeatable processing, dielectric properties, and ease of assembly. Many electronic components rely on a high purity media to conduct energy. These media can take several different forms, but the purity of the media can be paramount in the performance of the component. Liquid media, for example, depends on the purity of media to maintain performance. Media such as acenitrile depends on the purity to store and transmit charges in application. If the material of rubber o-rings, for instance, has any ingredients (waxes, plasticizers, process aids) or ancillary residual material (mold releases, residual cleaning media) which could leech out of the rubber and into the fluid, it could compromise the effectiveness of the electrical component. Studies have shown that performance of specialty seals can be altered as much as 12% from fugitive chemicals that are released from rubber and/or plastic parts that are exposed to the media.

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