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Self-Improvement At some point in our lives, we encounter difficulty in how we see ourselves. Sometimes it happens rather young, other times the teen age years, and some young adults experience this. It is so easy to think you could be like someone else. If you practice enough, you can sing like that girl that always gets the lead parts. If you smile more, people will like you better. If you would have been born blonde, you would be having more fun. We have all had these types of thoughts and what it .es down to is a lack of self acceptance. There is a danger in always .paring yourself to another person. Eventually, you be.e nothing more than a shell of a person trying to please the world around you and never yourself. Then you break down, not knowing who you really are. The fact is that if someone does not love you for who you are then they can never truly love you. Conforming into something you’re not is not an option. The best option and really the only one, is learning self acceptance. But how? 1. Decide to like who you are. There is only one you. Somewhere, someone is wishing they could be more like you. 2. There is something about you that sets you apart. Decide to discover what that thing is. The thing you dislike most about yourself may be the thing others see as a strength in your character. 3. Do not judge yourself. This once was a luxury and a method of pretending self acceptance. It’s really a protection tactic. If you judge yourself first, no one can hurt you with their opinion. 4. Accept the truth – you are not perfect. No one is and that’s okay. 5. Be real. There is no fake it till you make it in self acceptance. You just do it. 6. You will forget that you like yourself sometimes. Remind yourself when this happens, "I messed up and it’s okay." 7. Practice confidence. Hold your head up a little higher and keep your back a little straighter. Do this until it .es naturally for you. Self acceptance looks different on different people so don’t expect to look like another person who is practicing self acceptance too. Be you, be satisfied, and enjoy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: