September Shanghai brand quota auction held on the 24 personal quota for the year-alienware m17x

September Shanghai brand quota auction held on the 24 day of this year’s most personal news this month, Shanghai brand personal quota auction will be held on September 24th. Shanghai Guopai announced yesterday’s announcement shows that September personal non-commercial bus lines on the 12889, for the year of the most. Among them, the city’s personal two wheeled motorcycle effective amount of passenger cars to convert the amount of the city; the city’s personal passenger car in the effective line of 389 vehicles in the amount of $0. First bid stage warning price of 84800 yuan. Unit price auction will be held on September 26th, the amount of 1317 vehicles, of which the city unit Shanghai A, Shanghai B motorcycle effective amount of the amount of passenger cars to convert the number of vehicles in the effective amount of 1017 vehicles. Daily economic news reporter noted that, in accordance with the laws of previous years, the Shanghai brand in September is generally the most months of the year, mainly taking into account the travel needs of the golden week in October, this year is no exception. This month, Shanghai brand personal amount of 12889, up from last month’s 11549, an increase of 1340. Insiders said that although the auction number, the public bidding rate is still very low, but relatively speaking opportunities this month will be larger, after all, an increase of more than 1 thousand vehicles amount, advised the public familiar with the analog operation, for an early bid to lay a good foundation. In addition, Guopai company previously announced that since September 2016, non operating bus lines to adjust the deposit and auction auction fees charged at the standard, margin charging standard is adjusted to 1000 yuan; the standard fees charged to 60 yuan adjustment time. And before the margin charged 2000 yuan, the standard fee charged for $100. There are people involved in Shanghai auction need to be concerned about the auction.相关的主题文章: