Shandong Tancheng officials said the demolition demolition was bound student linked to new network –

Shandong Tancheng officials said the demolition demolition was bound student linked to everything – Beijing Ji’nan Dazhong news August 30th demolition will not do not grant? You hit 12345 hard…… Recently, a Linyi online female students apply for grants rejected video, triggering hot. In the video, Linyi Tancheng Li Zhuang Zhen Li Zhuang Er Cun responsible person, because the villagers threatened not demolition on the children not to grant application signature, public opinion was questioned. Today evening, Li Zhen Tancheng county government investigation responded that someone’s female students had Zhou Moumou apply for grants do not meet the conditions of being returned. At present, the government is responsible for Lee town work attitude to give serious criticism and education for the video of the village, arrange for further investigation of the incident, and instructed the Department of civil affairs of the villagers Zhou Moumou apply for student payment detailed investigation, to handle the business of seeking truth from facts. "With what hook? Everything is tied to anything!" This afternoon, found Dazhong reporter from the exposure of the video, a man called Linyi Tancheng Li Zhuang Zhen Li Zhuang Er Cun, director of the village, the village in the face of a mother and daughter for a grant to negotiate the village sign that responded several times for a grant to sign and the villagers home demolition hook. Suspected female students involved micro-blog @ panda takh takh sauce "claimed that, in order to apply for grants, she went to the village three times, two times before the village director fell mouse, curse, she never recorded third times, she felt that the village director is too much, only recorded video. It is in the video "what are linked with the demolition of the speech, angered many of micro-blog’s users. Some netizens commented that grants could have with the hook, this law is that? There are telecommunications fraud comment users contact just happened, just put a liar "mad", Linyi female college students village cadres want to put another female students crazy? But there are users in the news broke the following micro-blog said the video clips, I hope we can identify the authenticity. Users can not live up to the only old and old lover ", the understanding of the family is in good condition, there are about 4 shops along the street, in the center of Li Zhuang Street shops along the street a, in the old West Lee town Party committee of a building, home of the old house area of more than and 300 square meters, a female neutron have a car and grandson. After careful review of the village, the family does not meet the conditions of poverty. Intended to defraud state funding. The fact that really broke the news video and people say? This afternoon, the public network reporter on the Internet to reflect the situation, to the Tancheng County Propaganda Department conducted a verification, interview, Linyi. Tonight, Linyi Tancheng Lee town on the incident sent a note to the public network. Lee town government said, after investigation, the video recording on the morning of August 29th, someone’s female students will apply for financial aid and shooting video on the internet. At that time, Li Zhuang Zhen Li Zhuang Er Cun villagers Zhou Moumou (female) and his mother, to the village office to apply for the needy students in payment, make the village signed and sealed by the person in charge of the village to understand the situation, that the family income earned enough to pay completely Zhou Moumou during the school to complete the basic academic expenses required, do not meet to apply for grants to the poor conditions.相关的主题文章: