Shanghai 5 year old man repeatedly raped his mentally disabled woman lookout scene shuyue

Shanghai 5 year old man repeatedly raped his mentally disabled woman suspects lookout scene this year 50 years old, Chongming people, junior high school education. In October 2012, the suspect Lee met through a friend of the victim Zhang, Zhang Department of a low intelligence and ability to guard against asexual people. Unexpectedly, the suspect has no rival strength for binding a chicken heart or evil zhang. Qingpu District People’s Procuratorate procuratorial officer, when the suspect sporadic small ads in the streets met Lee and the victim Zhang, the suspect was found from two people’s speech and deportment, Zhang is a mentally handicapped, and heart or evil, a sexual assault to zhang. After the 3 met, it has maintained a relationship between friends. From February 2015 to June, the suspect Lee linked to Zhang, Zhang knowingly physiological defects, has repeatedly in the KTV, tea and other places and Zhang has forced sexual relations in the invasion process, Zhang repeatedly resisted unsuccessfully. And each time the sexual process, Li Moujun at the scene of the lookout. After investigation, the suspect by the middle man Lee to the victim Zhang to fewer people in remote places, the implementation of the 3 sexual assault. At present, the suspect on suspicion of rape, has been the public security control. But Lee for helping the suspects in this case, there have been criminal detention. Prosecutor: in accordance with the provisions of article 263rd of the criminal law, violation of women’s will, forced to have sex with women, they constitute the crime of rape. In this case, there is a special case, is the object of a crime is a female, mentally disabled. According to the spirit of China’s judicial interpretation, those who have sexual relations with people with intellectual disabilities, regardless of whether people with intellectual disabilities have to agree, as rape. As long as the suspect to be able to recognize the object of crime is a mentally disabled, so it can be identified as the subjective intention he had raped. Coupled with his implementation of the rape behavior. Therefore, the concept of consistent principle from the objective, to recognize him on suspicion of rape. But Lee’s behavior in this case is the behavior of a kind of help. Therefore, she is a kind of common crime and the suspect. She should be identified as to help offenders. At present, the public security organs have Ni a criminal detention, waiting for her will be severely punished by law. The judicial authorities reminded: the case of the victim is a mentally handicapped, mentally handicapped because of physical defects, not for criminal behavior to revolt. This should remind the mentally disabled families must protect them, so as not to let the criminals have an opportunity. The judicial organs to remind the families of the victims, we must strengthen the protection of people with intellectual disabilities. Especially women with intellectual disabilities. As far as possible in the guardian of the control. Familiar with the mentally handicapped people, can not do not use them and take them as a tool to make money, to provide an opportunity for the criminals. Hot news: the prosecution of Dai Haibo bribery, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed tomorrow owner: 200 block +3 residents purchase second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong couple on the Hong Kong team for dinner of Conca

上海5旬男子屡次强奸智障女子 同伙现场望风   犯罪嫌疑人今年50岁,崇明人,初中学历。2012年10月,犯罪嫌疑人通过朋友李某结识被害人张某,张某系一名智力低下及无性防范能力人士。没想到,这名嫌疑人竟然对手无缚鸡之力的张某心生歹念。   青浦区人民检察院检察官介绍,犯罪嫌疑人在街头散发小广告的时候认识了李某以及被害人张某,嫌疑人从两人的言谈举止发现,张某是一名智障人士,于是就心生歹念,有了性侵犯张某的想法。   3人认识了之后,就一直保持着朋友之间的联系。2015年2月至6月,嫌疑人通过李某联系到张某,在明知张某生理缺陷的情况下,先后多次在KTV、茶庄等场所内强行与张某发生性关系,在侵犯过程中,张某多次反抗均未成功。且每次性侵过程中,李某均在现场望风。   经查,嫌疑人通过中间人李某将被害人张某带到人少偏僻的地方,实施了3次性侵犯。 目前,这名嫌疑人因涉嫌强奸罪,已被公安控制。而李某因在本案中帮助嫌疑人犯罪,目前也已被刑事拘留。   检察官介绍:按照我国刑法第263条的规定,违背妇女意志,强制与妇女发生性行为,就构成强奸罪。在本案中,有一点情况比较特殊,就是犯罪对象是一名女性,智障人士。根据我国司法解释的有关精神,凡是与智障人士发生性关系的,不管智障人士是否同意,都要认定为强奸罪。只要犯罪嫌疑人能够认识到犯罪对象是一名智障人士,那么,在主观上就可以认定为他有强奸的故意。再加上他实施了强奸的行为。因此,从主客观性一致的原则,来认定他涉嫌强奸罪。   而李某在本案中的行为是一种帮助的行为。因此,她和嫌疑人是一种共同犯罪。她应该被认定为帮助犯。目前公安机关已将倪某刑事拘留,等待她的必然是法律的严惩。   司法机关提醒:该起案件中的被害人是一名智障人士,智障人士由于生理缺陷,无法对犯罪分子的行为作出反抗。在此要提醒智障人士的家属一定要保护好他们,以免让犯罪分子有可乘之机。   司法机关提醒被害人的家属,一定要加强对智障人士的保护。尤其是女性智障人士。尽量能够处于监护人的掌控之中。跟智障人士熟悉的人,绝不能不要利用他们,把他们当做挣钱的工具,为犯罪分子提供可乘之机。   热点新闻:   上海检察机关对戴海波涉嫌受贿、隐瞒境外存款案提起公诉   上海车管所验车系统全线瘫痪 车主:明天就200块+3分了   市民购二手房遇乌龙 签约房东已过世遭顶替   孔卡夫妇家宴上港队友 上海顶级豪宅曝光(图)   何炅被急送上海医院手术 疑因金属物插入小腿(图)   天气预报:   上海周三起最低温仅10度 下周将断崖式降温7度相关的主题文章: