Shanghai, a plot reproduce car party midnight car man needs to be found (video)

Shanghai a residential representation of "designated car party" midnight man to find the vehicle recently, who lives in the village of four town of Miss Sun, Foote calls reflected between their small cars overnight were deliberately scratched. Residents demand property to strengthen prevention, but also hope that the police can find the perpetrators. Miss Sun said, the day before yesterday morning, when she was ready to drive to work, but found that the door of his car has a deep scratch. Through access to surveillance found that more than 11 points the day before the evening, a man walking with hard things several cars. Miss sun looked down the street, and several of the cars were scratched by hard objects. The scratched parts passed through the car body from front to rear. Careful observation, deep scratches, obviously, the man started very ruthless. So miss sun chose to call the police. However, due to the monitoring can not see the details of the side, the police said that the difficulty is greater. On the spot, another victim pointed out that this is not the first time. Once, someone directly reversed the mirrors of a row of vehicles. Reporters came to residential property, property manager said that the old residential area is large, and most of the residents are foreign tenants, liquidity is faster. And property from the funding problem, every night can only send a security patrol. As for the monitoring probe and access control problem, has been reported to the town government, hoping to subsidize outside the maintenance fund. It is illegal to intentionally scratch someone else’s vehicle, believing that the public security department will try to solve the case. At the same time, also hope that the local government departments can help, help the old district to improve security measures. "Today" "Shen recommended: relay loan loan together real estate funds to strengthen the supervision of the full stop of strong cold air will come down sharply in Shanghai today will cool nearly C Spring ticket in advance on sale this week or to grab votes" the best time to survey single people: monthly disposable income reached 8 thousand for 70 gold singles after "at the same time, communication quality men 20 girlfriends fraud of more than 30 yuan" "" video recommendation: Prison beat the boy was walking down the strange woman after shouting not my mother Venus for the first time to respond to Ma Dong Yang Liping and not remind also helpless Hu Yanbin sit and fly wire lift war of words: who said I and Zheng Shuang don’t stop me. The floor cleaners salary of up to 1 million 830 thousand Chinese women saw bestie single off his car. Actually draw bestie (the video for vent when extended.) Move your fingers and inquire about traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

上海一小区再现“划车党” 夜半划车男子亟待找到 近日,家住高桥镇富特四村的孙小姐日前来电反映,他们小区的多辆轿车一夜之间被人故意划伤。居民们要求物业加强防范,同时也盼望警方能找出肇事者。孙小姐说,前天上午,当她准备开车上班的时候,却发现自家轿车的门上有一道深深的划痕。通过调阅监控发现,前一天的晚上11点多,有一男子边走边用硬物划伤了好几辆车。孙小姐沿街查看,果然有好几辆车被硬物划伤,划伤部位从前到后贯穿车体。细加观察,划痕很深,显然此人下手非常狠。于是,孙小姐选择了报警。不过,由于监控看不清对方面部细节,警察表示难度较大。现场,另一位受害车主指出,这已不是第一次了。有一次有人直接将一排车辆的反光镜都反拗。记者来到小区物业,物业经理表示,这个老旧小区面积很大,而且大部分居民是外来租户,流动性较快。而物业苦于经费问题,每晚也只能派出一位保安巡查。至于监控探头和门禁问题,目前已经上报镇政府,希望能在维修基金外有所补贴。故意划伤他人车辆,属于违法行为,相信公安部门会尽力破案。同时,也希望当地政府部门能助一臂之力,帮助老小区完善安保措施。》》》今日大申推荐:接力贷合力贷全面叫停 房产商资金加强监管强冷空气到来将大幅降温 申城今日起将降温近℃春运机票提前开售 本周或为“抢票”最佳时间单身人群调查:月可支配收入达8千为黄金单身族70后“优质男”同时交往20个女友 诈骗30余万元》》》视频推荐:监拍男童被陌生女子扑倒后抱走 高喊不是我妈妈金星首次回应与杨丽萍不和 马东提醒也无可奈何胡彦斌坐不住与粉丝掀骂战:谁说我与郑爽不配不要拦着我去美国扫地 华裔清洁工年薪高达183万 女子眼见闺蜜脱单不爽 居然划闺蜜男友的车当发泄 (该视频仅供延展。)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: