Shanghai police arrested Vietnamese steal clothes thief Gang seized hundreds of kilograms of stolen sexhu

Shanghai police arrested Vietnamese "steal clothes thief Gang seized hundreds of kilograms of stolen goods – Beijing new network in Shanghai in September 12, (Li Shuzhi) 12 reporter learned, Shanghai police have busted two specialized theft clothing mall Vietnamese theft gangs, arrested 13 suspects and seized stolen more than 700 pieces of clothing, value more than 30 yuan rmb. Shanghai police by digging and analysis of sporadic cases data, gradually uncover the foreign "steal clothes thief gang veil. In 2016 April, the Huangpu Public Security Bureau found a "one district police arrested 3 Vietnamese theft suspects" information in the process of the similar case data of Shanghai city were analyzed, which immediately caused the attention of the police. By comparing the identity of the suspect and other information, the police found that one of the suspects had been arrested and dealt with, decided to look for clues in this suspect. Through further investigation of the personnel, the police found in April this year through illegal way through Guangxi and Shanghai, with Shanghai to 9 other people with close contact. Through access to a large number of monitoring, the police found that these people appear frequently in the city district brand clothing store. Coincidentally, these shops have occurred in the same period the situation of theft alarm, a theft of clothing as the main goal of Vietnamese theft gangs began to surface. Through careful investigation, the police gradually find out the structure of the gang, accommodation and track activities. At the same time, the police mastered a lot of the gang clear division of labor, with tacit understanding of the crime of theft evidence. In June 11th, returned to the residence in all members, Huangpu police decided to implement the net, that night, in one fell swoop ruanmou 6 Vietnamese suspects, seized a large suitcase ready for shipment of goods and clothing and other crime stolen more than 500 pieces. Although arrested, however, seems to be zeixinbusi thieves. In mid August, the Huangpu police once again to get a new batch of Vietnamese theft gang has Shanghai and flees to Huangpu, Hongkou and other areas of many large shopping malls wantonly theft. In August 22nd, the Huangpu police to take action to close the net, in one fell swoop of a group and other members of the gang of 13 people, and seized the tools of crime related and future clothes and express back to Nanning more than 200 pieces. At the same time, with the assistance of the Nanning police, seized the gang has sent more than 120 kilograms of stolen goods, involving a value of more than 20 yuan rmb. Currently, the suspects were under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: