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Shanxi banking regulatory bureau: this year will be off 21 coal mines on the coal companies have to help control the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Finance News September 20th news in today’s banking regular press conference, the Shanxi Banking Regulatory Bureau Secretary Zhang Anshun said that 2016 will close out the 21 coal mines, in 16 did not fulfill the approval formalities without the construction of coal mine production to take coercive measures to stop the illegal production and construction. In addition, in the banking sector to support the reform of the supply side of the implementation of differentiated credit policy. Zhang Anshun bluntly, for the Shanxi banking industry, support for the reform of the supply side of the coal is both a challenge and an opportunity. In the short term is a challenge, the coal industry to increase production capacity objectively increase the pressure on bank risk management and control. In the long run, it is an opportunity, which is beneficial for the bank to activate the credit assets, optimize the credit structure, defuse the financial risks, and realize the benign development. The coal industry is an important pillar of Shanxi’s economy, since 2013, the coal industry market is running, facing overcapacity problems. The coal enterprise is deeply affected, the repayment pressure increases unceasingly, the credit risk rises. Zhang Anshun, director of the Shanxi banking regulatory bureau said that the banking sector in the implementation of the reform of the supply side of the supply side will have differentiated credit policies to support the restructuring of loans, the preservation of bank debt. In addition, the Shanxi Banking Regulatory Bureau issued a "guidance" to resolve the excess production capacity to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the banking industry to support the provincial coal group, provincial coal group requires banks to meet reasonable financing needs effectively, guide the banking industry in 7 provincial coal group started the transformation and upgrading of medium and long term loans. On the one hand, the implementation of the loan restructuring, the original short-term liquidity loans for the restructuring and upgrading of long-term special loans, on the other hand, the transformation and upgrading of long-term loans. For differentiated credit policy, deputy director of the Shanxi Banking Regulatory Bureau Wang Zhigang pointed out that the coal companies to have a control". "Fu" is the advanced capacity and advantage industry, concentrated in the 7 provincial coal group; "control" is the industry and the disadvantages of backward production capacity, such as close to exit 21 coal mines, 16 illegal production and construction of coal mine. He said at the meeting, at present, the overall credit risk prevention and control is better. According to reports, the Shanxi banking regulatory bureau from six aspects to guide the banking sector to actively support the structural reform of the supply side of Shanxi coal. One is to implement differentiated credit policy, the two is to reduce the financial burden of coal enterprises, the three is to support the coal enterprises to extend the industrial chain, the four is to support the coal enterprises to deepen reform, the five is the safe disposal of the elimination of backward production capacity of bank creditor’s rights, the six is to strengthen the credit risk control. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: