Shenzhen significantly relax the policy settled one year household population growth is expected to

Shenzhen settled policy significantly relaxed year household population is expected to increase more than 10% of the rocks from the public view, Cao stone city (cssstock)   next Thursday (September 1st), Shenzhen will be formally implemented into new regulations, greatly relaxed talent settled policy, is the most liberal first-tier cities settled policy. The fundamental reason for the introduction of the new deal is to increase the talent, the stock of the population of the special home channel, to promote the steady growth of the quality of the household population. This is consistent with the Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Ma Xingrui’s concerns. Shenzhen Municipal Office of the office of the Ministry of internal affairs Ma Xingrui issued a written document shows that there is an urgent need to solve the talent bottleneck problem in Shenzhen. Outstanding grassroots cadres outstanding phenomenon, only in 2015, Shenzhen four new district and the resignation of civil servants and staff up to 224 people. The total quantity and quality of talents in Shenzhen and Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places have gaps. Outstanding performance in: the overall quality is not high, in 2014 the proportion of the city’s college population is only 24.1%, lower than the level of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, much lower than the level of New York, the. The total amount of high-level talent shortage, "house" full-time academician and central people plan talent total, less than 1/8 of Beijing, less than 1/4 of Shanghai; the number of experts enjoy the special allowance of the State Council of Beijing is only 12.7%. International talent shortage, the city’s resident foreigners accounted for about 0.2% of the resident population, lower than Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, much lower than New York, Singapore and other international advanced cities. According to Ma Xingrui internal speech, Shenzhen municipal Party Committee Organization Department Minister Zheng Ke said, "because of this, the municipal government decided to introduce new talent as soon as possible, and require a big breakthrough… Talents of the new deal in strength, breadth and depth, is hitherto unknown, there will be a lot of specific work to be done after the promulgation of the organization department must grasp live, do real." Shenzhen’s pursuit of large household expansion, which is diametrically opposed to Shanghai. In August 22nd, Shanghai’s foreign publicity latest city planning (2016-2040), Shanghai in 2020 only 850 thousand of the population growth, from 2020 to 2040, Shanghai’s population growth is set to 0, since 2020 and 2030 population planning is 25 million. Thus, the first tier cities in Shanghai, the most stringent population control objectives. According to the previously announced plan in 13th Five-Year, to 2020, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen respectively to set their own target population is 23 million, 25 million, 15 million 500 thousand, 14 million 800 thousand. If the use of this target data minus the number of permanent residents in 2015, will be found in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen in 2020 to increase the population index are: 1 million 295 thousand, 847 thousand and 300, 1 million 998 thousand and 900, and 3 million 421 thousand and 100. In the stock market, the number of new accounts are considered incremental funds. Real estate practitioners from fashion, that settled in Shenzhen the political impact on the property market to better long-term. Central Plains real estate monitoring data show that the non deep households to change three social security, that is, "after" the new deal, the purchase of the door? 325相关的主题文章: