Sichuan Huaying 7 and 5 coal mine accidents hidden about 19 hours 28 people were treated in Beijing aspack

Sichuan Huaying "7? 5" coal mine accidents hidden about 19 hours 28 people were treated – Beijing, Beijing, September 20 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Liu Zhongjun) 20 reporters from the Sichuan Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau announced the "7 report of the accident was informed in? 5" coal and gas outburst, the accident is concealed about 19 an hour, including the coal mine accident, the relevant government officials and staff of 28 people have been held criminally responsible or for party and government discipline etc.. 23:16 on July 5, 2016, Sichuan Huaying City Jin Chun coal limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the Jin Chun coal mine) large coal and gas outburst accident, which killed 5 people, 8 million 90 thousand yuan in direct economic losses. According to the research report, July 5, 2016 night, Jin Chun mine a total of 46 people, Security Deputy Director He Shaoqiang into the wells class. 21:52, in front of the class after the Yang Shengkui 5 people did not notice in shift Fireboss Ceng Yi, early into the wells (23 wells in normal time around). 5 people into the well is not seized, and did not carry a personnel positioning identification card. After the completion of the former inspector Ceng Yi ventilation team class, at 22:45 into the well. 23:16, two meters south of the level of +350 Shimen K1 coal seam opening and cutting tunneling face of coal and gas outburst, the coal will be an instant Yang Shengkui and other 5 workers buried in the ground floor of the coal mine in the South of. July 6th at 3 pm, standing Chongqing Uranus investment group company deputy general manager Wang Daihua and Jin Chun Coal General Manager Tang Shiming found chief engineer of Huaying City Coal Authority Cai Chengmeng, Jin Chun told the accident in the coal mine has 5 people trapped, Cai Chengmeng proposed not to report. On the morning of 6, Huaying City Coal Bureau Li Daihong phone to arrange deputy director Lanming to Jin Chun coal mine the mine air return gas meter verification +650 three level alarm. 9:40, Lanming and 4 staff arrived Jin Chun mine, Tang Shiming alone to Lanming said coal mine safety accident 5 people were trapped underground, and said that Cai Chengmeng has been aware of the situation, and Cai Chengmeng proposed not to report. Lan Ming agreed to Kam Chun coal mine gas monitoring sensor failure to submit a written explanation. 10 pm, Lanming call to Xikou Xikou town vice mayor Duan Haibo introduced the private coal mine, coal mine safety accidents to Jin Chun and Duan Haibo, said Cai Chengmeng is not reported, and the coal mine is also actively rescue, that slowly again, Duan Haibo agreed. In late July 6th 20, Sichuan Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau received a report from the masses, said Jin Chun did not report the accident in the coal mine, Sichuan coal Supervision Bureau of East Sichuan branch and the Guang’an Municipal Bureau of work safety inspection immediately. Sichuan coal Supervision Bureau of East Sichuan Branch inspectors rushed to the scene at the same time, telephone inquiries Huaying City Bureau of coal related personnel. Cai Chengmeng learned that the relevant departments in pursuing the matter after the call Jin Chun mine director Zhao Minghong immediately according to the procedure reported the accident. The accident investigation team found that Jin Chun coal mine in individual supervision personnel participation, concealed the accident about 19 hours. At the same time, the mine without the approval of the illegal arrangement of the level of two meters south of the Shimen K1 coal seam opening and cutting the face of the work of the operation, the operation of the regional outburst prevention measures are not in place, the staff violated the +350 2111相关的主题文章: