Since I slept on the bed, I feel like I’m doing a lot of health every day! – Sohu Technology christie stevens

Since I slept on the bed, I feel like I’m doing a lot of health every day! Sohu technology tired together to do a big health care? Today the second in front of the computer and sat for a whole day, is lazy to the point where, in addition to a toilet, it did not leave the seat.. Would like to go to work to soak a foot by a rub what. This is not the most recent period in Hangzhou, only obediently back in bed.. Remember that a hard bed home, the people are not good. How I wish I had a comfortable, soft, elastic bed that could be massaged!!! When it comes to bed.. Today that gave poor friends recommended a seckill Serta also has a "big Simmons, health care function of high-tech bed — Balluga! At first glance, the second being fully seduced.. First of all, the mattress structure of Balluga is completely different from our usual mattress.. The inside is not a wood, not a spring, not a latex. Balluga is very thick and elastic, the arrangement of the ball can be detected in different parts of the mattress pressure, automatically adjust the air pressure of the ball, so as to achieve the adjustment of the bed hardness.. Want soft on soft, like hard on hard, the soft place soft, hard place hard, let you lie more comfortable.. If it is not particularly comfortable, we can also use App to manually adjust the hardness. At the same time, Bulluga also comes with a temperature control system.. Are like air conditioners, by absorbing the air under the bed to change the temperature of the bed.. Using the phone App, we can adjust to their most comfortable temperature.. But the key is to support independent partitions using temperature regulation, you cold a high temperature, the other half heat transfer at low temperature.. Of course, the second is the function of love. Bulluga has a set of vibration massage system, lying on the bed, through the soft and small changes in the ball, you adjust to the most comfortable position. Then it’s time for health care.. Bulluga can not only make the mattress for a partition of vibration, shock your body up and down, can also use certain parts of pulse stimulation. Set the time to massage, massage to the end of the direct sleep. Sleep until dawn, the second day of the spirit of comfort and comfort to climb up to work.. Think a little excited ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bulluga also built a sleep monitoring system, with the use of mobile phone App, easy to control a variety of sleep data. Do not wear any smart watch bracelet can be a comprehensive test of our sleep quality.. Second days can be directly in the App to see their own sleep data.. Asleep, probably a lot of bad friends snoring habits.. Bulluga also has the unique technology of snoring!相关的主题文章: