Sino Russian military exercises at sea both sides sent battle ships – the highest level in service B

Sino Russian military exercises at sea: both sides sent to Russia in service of the highest level of battle ships in the Guangdong – Beijing, Zhanjiang in the East China Sea airspace held joint military exercises, -2016 "will be the main joint air defense, joint anti submarine Joint Stereo seize control of reefs, joint search and rescue, joint boarding and inspection, anchorage defense and the actual use of weapons subjects exercise. So, what are the highlights of the exercise and watch it? Russia sent antisubmarine and landing operations outstanding warships participating in the previous Sino Russian military exercises at sea, the Russian navy had sent cruisers and destroyers and other types of ships, and the exercise of the Russian Navy sent a strong anti submarine destroyers and landing ship based naval fleet sent to the lineup, although small, but it has strong pertinence. "Admiral Terry boots" and "admiral Vinogradov" belong to the Russian Navy anti submarine capability is the strongest "fearless", large amphibious ship "Per Les Waite" to improve the type the famous "toad" class, these ships are ASW warship and landing ability outstanding. Navy military academic researcher Zhang Jun agency: the Russian Navy sent two large anti submarine ship, we must focus on anti submarine warfare drills subjects, whether it is anti submarine warfare or landing operations, these subjects are very sensitive. These exercises in both radar and sonar some data to be open to each other. The exercise of this exercise highlights: Combat Information Specification for the first time in accordance with the "red blue" formed by grouping, the red forces by the Russian naval integrated, the blue side by the Chinese naval forces as both red and blue will carry out back-to-back confrontation drills during the exercise. The Russian Navy sent battle ships including new missile destroyers and frigates, is currently the highest level in the Russian navy battle battle ships, in these ships, also marks the Sino Russian navy to strengthen bilateral strategic cooperative partnership between two armies, improve coordination level, deepen the pragmatic cooperation between the two navies and purpose this kind of desire. Navy military academic researcher Zhang Jun agency: these exercises, drills can also reflect the combat capability and basic level of a country’s navy, these are relatively high degree of confidentiality, the Russian Navy carries on this exercise, but also reflects the strategic mutual trust between the two countries in the Russian navy in two at the highest level, only in the countries with a high degree of mutual trust between the navy.相关的主题文章: