Son bullied by his classmates, his father early activist will be killed

The son was bullied, his father "rights" to kill his father out of the original title: "adults" killed their classmates because his son was bullied, father to the head "rights", when he warned each other be invalid, or evil, cruel killing each other. In order to cover up his crime, he buried the body after the killing, processing, and other mobile phone, paid to the families of victims of extortion SMS preparatory money, preparing the fugitive, but don’t want to be arrested by public security organs. August 27th, Heng Qu Zhen Tu Ling Cun, Mei County Xue Jiamin near collapse, just graduated from the primary school’s son has been missing for 14 days. These days, he launched almost all the relatives and friends, traveled the Meixian has found the children disappeared high streets and back lanes. Also on this day, he learned from the police Meixian, children have been killed. Alarm underage children lost to two days on August 15th at 5 pm, Meixian County Public Security Bureau Hengqu premises area received a public warning, police said his nephew Xue Jiaxiang in August 13th has yet to return home. After the alarm, the police immediately to the understanding of the relevant circumstances his nephew lost, Xue Jiaxiang area soil ridge village, this year just graduated from primary school. August 13th at 9 am to carry a cell phone away from home, now the phone off, missing. After the police were to verify the understanding of the relevant circumstances, the police immediately will sort out the case promptly after filing Meixian County Public Security Bureau report. It turned out that Xue Jiaxiang weekdays more naughty, 13, after going out, has not returned, at first, the family thought he was going to play the game, did not care too much, until the 15 day did not go home, the family worried, it was reported to the police. After the incident, deputy director in charge of criminal investigation Wang Jianping immediately deployed police to carry out case detection. The initial investigation, the police focused mainly on Xue Jiaxiang’s daily communication and daily life habits and preferences to carry out a large number of visits, investigation and assessment work, but without access to valuable clues. In this case, the investigators also adjusted to Meixian surrounding area, timely transfer of the station, Internet cafes, supermarkets, shopping malls and other crowded areas monitoring, were not found in Xue Jiaxiang figure. Investigation of blackmail message exposure suspect in August 24th, investigators again went to carry out clues Mopai work in the house of Xue Jiaxiang. In exchange, Xue Jiamin from the Department learned that the evening of August 23rd, people use the mobile phone to send SMS to blackmail Xue Jiaxiang. Investigators in the clues, immediately report to the leadership of the bureau. Due to the significant changes, the investigators judged Xue Jiaxiang killed more likely, then the Secretary Dong Haibin ordered the prompt start of the murder detection mechanism, timely arrangements for the elite police force, formed a joint task force, to carry out the case work. Due to the significant, the afternoon of the 24 day afternoon, Baoji City Public Security Bureau deputy director Gao Kuanning led the criminal investigation, the police rushed to the Meixian Jizhen detachment, guidance and assistance to carry out case detection. After a large number of investigators, found that Zheng Baojun has a major crime suspects. Subsequently, the Bureau arranged police to carry out covert investigation on the identity of the suspect etc.. In the evening of August 24th, sure, the bureau deputy director Wang Jianping led the ad hoc group of people rushed to Linyou County in the county, the success of a hotel in Zheng Baojun will be arrested. Activist warning invalid after killing China相关的主题文章: