SONY Xperia XZ and pink version As early as October 13th on sale (video) nibbuns

SONY Xperia XZ and pink version? As early as October 13th on sale of Tencent digital news (blue) SONY Xperia XZ China is believed to be the object of a lot of people look forward to, at present this new machine project to raise the public has quickly completed the goal, will start in the domestic sale in September 26th. Now, there are sources in micro-blog broke the news that SONY Xperia XZ will not only have black, blue, silver color styles, but also with a pink version, currently has a spy was exposed on the network, but in the end when the market is no definite news. [No.320] SONY Xperia XZ iMobile Chinese version of the exposure to pink for SONY’s flagship model launch pink version of the tradition, and the upcoming SONY Xperia XZ is no exception. According to sources disclosed on micro-blog news, the new flagship will have pink style follow-up debut, and the exposure of the spy case a pink version of the past, look with cherry pink SONY Xperia exclusive edition Z5 is relatively close, even on the back of the bottom of the plastic component also uses the same color collocation, should the girls do not win the favor of users. However, it is regrettable that, although the SONY Xperia XZ line is a dual card version, but does not have full Netcom function, which will undoubtedly make telecom users disappointed. But the good news is that the machine supports Unicom 4G+, and the storage capacity of 64GB, to support the expansion of the memory card, the first will be quiet blue, streamer silver, phantom black and other three color options. Or the sale of 4999 yuan as SONY launched in the country’s first Xperia X series flagship product, SONY Xperia XZ after the start of the congregation to raise the public or by the support of many users, less than 12 hours to complete the public to raise the target. Although it is not clear that the final price of the aircraft’s state line, but the price to raise the herd to see, the possibility of the final price of SONY Xperia XZ line of 4999 yuan. It is worth noting that, due to the end time of the SONY Xperia XZ China to raise the public as of October 12th, so according to the past sources disclosed in mid October will be on sale that may mean that SONY Xperia XZ country line may be officially on sale in October 13th. Prior to this, SONY has confirmed that the official flagship of the new machine will begin at 9:26 on September 26th pre-sale. The United States version of the current fingerprint recognition, SONY Xperia XZ and X Compact has begun to accept reservations in Europe, and the pink version of the exposure will also be synchronized sale. However, these two new machines in the United States market is the so-called exclusive version of the launch, but did not increase in function, but to cancel the fingerprint identification function, which is the same as the original SONY Xperia X Performace and Xperia Z5 Compact and other models of treatment. Fortunately, SONY Xperia XZ and X Compact version of the full configuration in the European market, not only the use of a new integrated design",.相关的主题文章: