South Korean prosecutors Cui Shunshi suspect and park Geun hye Secretary to discuss the Chong Wa Dae

South Korean prosecutors had suspected: Cui Shunshi and park Geun hye Secretary Chong Wa Dae news conference – Sohu in new network on 8 November,   comprehensive Korean media 8 news, South Korean prosecutors said that in Chong Wa Dae before the presidential office secretary Zheng Hucheng attached to the mobile phone, found with the South Korean President Pu Jinhui and "call recording file administration the protagonist Cui Shunshi’s door". According to South Korea’s International Radio reported that the dialogue with Cui’s recording file, including the deliberations of the president’s chief secretary of the meeting of the Chong Wa Dae recording. South Korea, "Central Daily" said, from two dialogue content, Cui Shunshi spoke to Zheng Hucheng, like a boss subordinate to the unilateral orders, make procuratorial personnel responsible for the investigation of surprise. In November 3, 2016, South Korea, Seoul, Cui Shunshi Pu Jinhui of the Seoul central court bestie "intervention" incident scrutiny after leaving. South Korean media said that this situation can be explained as Cui Shunshi, a civil servant, once chaired by President Zheng Hucheng to discuss the national political affairs conference to play a direct or indirect influence. Currently, South Korean prosecutors are based on these mobile recording files to investigate whether Cui Shunshi involved in the overall national affairs. In this regard, the prosecution summoned former government plan as soon as possible Publicity Secretary Ann Fenggen and former general secretary Li Zaiwan, on whether they are involved in the incident investigation. Data figure: November 4, 2016, South Korean television broadcast in the local time, President Park Geun Hye speech. South Korean President Park Geun hye released a televised speech that day, on the good friend Cui Shunshi behind the scenes to do the incident again stand.. The visual Chinese reported that an Fenggen allegedly allowed Cui Shunshi without dinner check out at any time Qingwa Chong Wa Dae gate, Li Zaiwan is suspected of being involved in Chong Wa Dae papers to Cui Shunshi. Zheng former Secretary in the prosecution investigation for the first time admitted that he had the president’s speech and other major Chong Wa Dae data tablet computer and file format information to Cui Shunshi.相关的主题文章: