South Korean prosecutors intend to investigate the park Geun hye surveyed cronies testified against winfast

South Korean prosecutors intend to investigate the park Geun hye surveyed cronies testified against her Sohu news in November 8th, "bestie door" party Cui Shunshi around the Reds car Enze was in detention for visual Chinese South Korean media reported 9, according to the "bestie" incident, South Korean prosecutors filed a lawsuit due to this incident the party Cui Shunshi 19 this month, including charges of fraud, embezzlement and abuse of power. At the same time, the prosecution will next week to decide when and how to ask President Park Geun hye. Trusted testimony adverse Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office investigators said 8 days, according to Cui Shun after work, the prosecution is scheduled for next week is to ask "list of matters related to park overall plan", in order to determine the park launched an investigation into the specific time and way. Previously, park Geun hye promised to cooperate with the prosecution investigation. Prosecutors said, park Geun hye in the survey more than trusted officers questioning to provide testimony against her, investigators have sufficient evidence of Park Geun hye inquiry has been "can hardly be avoided". The Justice Department 8, confirmed that the procuratorial special search and tablet computer access to Shunshi Cui used to store more than 200 copies of the files found that the document is confidential and most of Chong Wa Dae government departments before the formal public. Park Geun hye affiliated former Secretary Zheng Hucheng acknowledged that he put these materials over to Cui Shunshi. According to Zheng Hucheng, he did everything according to the requirements of the park. Pu Jinhui told him that she wanted to listen to different opinions about the speech, so he gave the speech to Cui Shunshi. But Zheng Hucheng said, Cui Shunshi just read these documents, did not make any changes. In addition, the former chief secretary of the Chong Wa Dae policy adjustment An Zhongfan provided testimony is also unfavorable to park Geun hye. According to An Zhongfan, is he forced a number of Park inspired Cui Shunshi’s two large enterprises to fund donations. And this statement and park Geun hye’s argument contrary. Pu Jinhui had said that these companies are out of voluntary to the two foundations donated nearly 80 billion won (about 470 million yuan). The key suspects arrested prosecutors said, will be 19 this month on the "bestie" party Cui Shunshi filed a lawsuit on charges including fraud, embezzlement and abuse of power. At the same time, prosecutors are still considering other charges against her. With this incident continues to ferment, another key figure involved surfaced. He is known as the Korean cultural crown prince, the advertising director Enze. He took the opportunity to return to Korea on the evening of 8, at the Inchon airport was detained on the spot, and then escorted to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office. The car at the airport Enze face a large number of reporters pressed when he burst into tears. He said he would reflect on the error, truthfully confessed to the investigation. According to prosecutors said the car Enze close relationship with Cui, helping her to set up and operate the two foundations. At the same time, he also founded an advertising company, almost monopolize the relevant government projects, profits in the cultural circle "summon wind and call for rain". Yonhap reported that the car Enze also allegedly placed his "side" as government positions. Among them, his university mentor Jin Zhongde won the Ren Wen)相关的主题文章: