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Spot The Differences! The hidden secrets of the studio of a global artist are probably the most important places in the studio for artists, and how many secrets are hidden in the studio? So Paul · Cescon Cescon in his studio for artists, studio is probably the most important place. The artists are here to finish their work and spend most of the day. The artist’s character determines the appearance of the studio, which in turn affects the artist. Paul · Cezanne’s studio has a huge window, the window is the natural post Impressionist master Paul · Cezanne studio in Provence quiet so evasive; Matisse       Henry · Matisse Henri Matisse Matisse Fauvism painting studio in nice is a free and unrestrained temperament; Henry · Matisse Henri Matisse – The Pink Studio we   The J Getty Museum Dali. Paul Getty Museum – Daly Lijiate in Hong Kong and Daly, not to say that the studio and residence, even the entire rigat port because he raised the surreal atmosphere. The home of Daly in Riga is now being converted to commemorate the Museum of the museum is so important to the artist, so in the artist’s mind, what kind of studio is good, suitable for their own? "" "" "" "" Everyone has their own different views. We reached · the reduction of descendants of Finch · Finch studio in fifteenth Century, up to · Finch has described his ideal in the studio: "an artist’s studio is occupying a small space, because of the small space will allow the focus, and the site will make people distracted." So Oren · Delacroix Delacroix’s studio space huge nineteenth Century romantic master Oren · Delacroix obviously holds different views. His home and studio are so large that they have been transformed directly into the Delacroix Museum today. So Lichtenstein   Lichtenstein in the studio pop art representative Lichtenstein studio and his paintings, bright and clean and stylish; so Francis · Bacon Francis · Bacon Francis Bacon Bacon in London messy room painting English master Francis · Bacon’s studio is "to the name of chaos", he said, such chaos let him feel at home, and "chaos for me open the image". So Andy Warhol · Andy · Warhol’s studio was New York’s most tide place;相关的主题文章: