St tantalum in the first half of the restructuring of the loss of failure or with 352 million compen

The first half deficit TA *ST East by the 352 million reorganization fails or damages Paul Shell Hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert on forest stock election Niugu tournament – after each intern reporter Zhang Ying evening of August 29th. *ST Dong ta (000962, SZ) released 2016 semi annual report, the company first half revenue 383 million yuan, net profit of 138 million yuan loss. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that in 2015 2014, *ST Dong TA has two consecutive years of losses, if the second half of this year the annual performance can not restorethe, according to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, *ST East tantalum or traded will be suspended. Interestingly, despite the July 28th *ST Dong TA declared a major asset reorganization plan abortion, but the failure of the restructuring was a blessing in disguise, *ST Dong TA get 352 million yuan in cash compensation. *ST East tantalum also said that the compensation will be completed before December 15th this year to pay. Semi annual report has just been released, *ST East tantalum did not make specific predictions for the first three quarters of this year. According to the above 352 million yuan compensation to the company in the second half of 2016 to profitability, *ST East TA securities affairs representative Dang Liping believes that "the unpredictable component of many, now I have not seen the performance of the data cannot be predicted." Step by step *ST Dong TA delisting risk loss into a quagmire for two years, according to the annual report data show that in 2015 the company’s net loss of 637 million yuan, net profit of 337 million yuan loss in 2014. Since April 20th this year, the implementation of delisting risk warning, from the eastern tantalum industry into *ST East tantalum". In fact, since the beginning of 2012, *ST East tantalum buckle net profit is not in a state of loss. According to the annual report of the East tantalum *ST disclosure, in 2012 the company achieved net profit of 7 million 706 thousand and 400 yuan loss deduction, net profit in 2013 to expand non deduction to $34 million 618 thousand and 900. Since then, 2015 net loss of non deduction and expanded to 666 million yuan. Daily economic news reporter also found that in recent years, *ST East tantalum revenue also continued to decline, in 2013 the company achieved revenue of 2 billion 873 million yuan, in 2014 revenue of $2 billion 453 million. The 2015 full year revenue of only 1 billion 81 million yuan, down by 55.92%. At the same time, since 2016 *ST East tantalum revenues are not optimistic: in the first half of this year, *ST East tantalum revenues of 383 million yuan, down by 36, up by 48%. In addition, from the main business situation, in addition to the "products" of tantalum and niobium and its alloy gross margin was 4.9%, the main business gross profit margin is negative, the titanium and titanium alloy products gross margin has been as low as 65.56%. *ST East tantalum also said publicly that the current international market share of the company’s products declined, the decline in revenue, the main business profitability further reduced, the whole theory相关的主题文章: