Strong typhoon Meranti lift 17 meters billows this morning strong landing in Fujian – Beijing avbox

Strong typhoon "Meranti" lift 17 meters billows this morning – strong landing in Fujian Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Quanzhou on September 15th news (reporter Zhang Ziya) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the fourteenth typhoon this year moranti "with strong typhoon level landing, landing in the heart of the largest wind up to 15. The typhoon struck the front of the Xiamen city there is a large area of electricity, water, part of the trees were blown down broken and blocked roads, vehicles smashed, some sections of water seriously, causing a great challenge to the rescue. From the morning after the landing of typhoon, the wind here is still relatively large, the sea gust 10, the waves hit the seawall from time to time there will be a few meters high waves, last night and is relatively large, the road there was a certain degree of water. At present, the reporter’s location of the rain has stopped, starting at 2 a.m.. State Grid Quanzhou power company news, as at 4 in the morning, the city of Quanzhou, the impact of the user about the power of about 500 thousand, mainly in Huian, Jinjiang, Nanan area, a number of sections of stagnant water. It is predicted that the coastal wind will weaken after noon. At present, also learned that morning in Fuzhou city because of heavy rainfall caused waterlogging caused part of people trapped. Part of the scene over the fire truck water depth, it is difficult to pass, by the fire brigade loading vehicle and assault boats wading into the rescue. The typhoon "Meranti" landing will bring strong wind and rain affected the province of Fujian. The typhoon caused Fujian province transportation influence. Nanchang Railway Bureau to stop selling outage on September 14th to 17 in the originating end to 188 passenger trains, Fujian and sea passenger routes yesterday suspended the province’s comprehensive; road passenger transport suspended flight 1480. Fuzhou, a large area of Xiamen airport flight service, coastal tourist attractions, coastal construction sites are currently closed and shut down. After the typhoon, traffic, scenic spots, will be in accordance with the requirements of the local government against Taiwan, according to the actual weather conditions, timely recovery. In addition, primary and secondary schools, Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou coastal Quanzhou, Putian and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area including all vocational schools, kindergartens will be closed all day yesterday. Fujian Sheng Fangzhi start anti typhoon grade response. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon red warning signal and the Red Rainstorm warning, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other departments at all levels of staff to cancel the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, after the typhoon landed, Fujian will bring heavy rainfall, to prevent waterlogging in the city, Fuzhou City, three reservoirs ahead of pre vent Teng Library 3 million 750 thousand. Fujian Armed Police Corps quickly gathered more than 3000 soldiers, respectively in Fuzhou, Longyan, front guard in three districts of Ningde, ready to devote to the task of disaster rescue. Affected by the typhoon landing in Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, Zhangzhou border area affected by the transfer of the affected people 378 people; more than 112 security risks investigation. In Chongwu Quanzhou peninsula of Half Moon Bay seawall, more than ten thousand people around 7 o’clock in the morning now, just started here in the high tide period, the wind reached about 10. 12 at noon, it will reach the mid autumn astronomical tide period the highest tide level, border police organization Chongwu and local government departments working people.相关的主题文章: