Students in a minute street game gambled 6000 yuan tuition

Students in a minute street game gambled 6000 yuan tuition in an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported that a college student is going to school, being pulled in the street, a few chess game, not for one minute, will lose the tuition. Recently, the police destroyed a robbery by game fraud criminal gangs, 7 members jingfangxingju. October 8th at noon, Wang at a university in Shandong came home from Anqing to Hefei trains, go to the new bus station at the entrance, there are people playing chess by the side of the road, a man suddenly pulled him, said his boss won a lot of money, they do not let themselves down, "you come and play chess, I secretly command, winning split." Wang man think technology should be good, agreed, but each plate left 35 steps to lose, not for one minute, lost several disc, not only lost 300 yuan in cash only upon each other, he also forced Alipay to transfer 6000 yuan. "This money is my tuition, and I was stupid." Wang’s experience is not the case, the police combed, since August, Wangjiang Road flyover, Buynow mall entrance, and two Affiliated Hospital of the door, there are a group of men who display game fraud passers property, the victims are mostly young people, if there is no cash, the suspect is the use of violence forced the victim through Alipay, WeChat transfer, a victim is money, he was beaten in hospital. After investigation, the gang in Henan led by Zhao, is basically a fellow, clear division of labor, is wearing a simple seemingly honest player, a chess winning "up", pretending to watch "the masses", and gang members in the periphery of the lookout. The "pretend" disguise won the money, and the chess player pretended not to let him play chess again. The unknown victim was invited to help play chess. Once the victim after the two or three inning after the discovery deceived, the group will stress the victim to give money, do not give money to violence together, then fled. In October 26th, Hefei Xinya near the bus station, Zhao et al also started the game. 11 pm, more than 20 police arrest group consisting of rapidly from the north and south sides surrounded, 7 people were arrested. At present, 7 people have been detained for criminal purposes of robbery and fraud. Police: "so far, only one old man won."." Police said the suspects choose to go to the game will win hundred steps, the victim usually failed to adhere to more than half a minute, the police reminded the public not to challenge. At present, there are at least 5 cases verified by the police, involving nearly 30 thousand yuan. The police warned that some victims may be cheated because of the small amount of money, no reports, if there is a similar encounter, please go to the police as soon as possible.

大学生遇街头棋局 一分钟输光6000元学费中安在线讯 据安徽商报报道 一名大学生正准备去学校,被人拉住,在街头下了几盘棋,不到一分钟就将学费输光。近日,警方打掉一个利用棋局诈骗抢劫的犯罪团伙,7名成员被刑拘。10月8日中午,在山东上大学的小王从安庆老家来到合肥转车,走到新亚汽车站门口,路边有人下象棋,一名男子突然拉住他,说自己赢了老板很多钱,对方不让自己下了,“你来下棋,我暗中指挥,赢钱平分。”小王觉得男子技术应该不错,就同意了,不料每盘刚走三五步就输了,不到一分钟就输了好几盘,不仅输光了身上仅有的300元现金,对方还强迫他用支付宝转账6000元。“这些钱是我的学费,我当时都傻了。”小王的遭遇并不是个案,经警方梳理,8月以来,望江路天桥、百脑汇商场门口、安医二附院门口等地,都出现过一伙男子,摆设棋局诈骗路人财物,受害人多为年轻人,如果没现金,嫌疑人就以暴力手段强迫受害人通过支付宝、微信转账,一受害人实在没钱,竟被殴打住院。经查,该团伙以河南人赵某为首,基本是老乡,分工明确,有穿着朴素看似老实的棋手,有下棋赢钱的“托”,有假装看热闹的“群众”,还有在外围望风的团伙成员。“托”伪装赢了钱,棋手佯装不让他再下棋,不明真相的受害人被邀请帮助下棋。一旦受害人下完两三局棋后发现被骗,这伙人便胁迫受害人给钱,不给钱就暴力相加,得手后四散而逃。10月26日,合肥新亚汽车站附近,赵某等人又摆开了棋局。 11时许,20多名警力组成的抓捕组迅速从南北两侧包抄,7人被一网打尽。目前,7人以抢劫、诈骗罪被刑事拘留。民警介绍:“到目前为止,只有一个老头赢过。”民警称,嫌疑人选择的棋局需要走对百余步才会赢,通常受害人都没能坚持超过半分钟,警方提醒广大市民不要轻易挑战。目前,经警方核实案件至少有5起,涉案金额近3万元。警方提醒,一些受害人可能是因为受骗金额小,没有报案,如有类似遭遇请尽快去警方报案。相关的主题文章: