Taiwan tour car after the car crashed into the front of the car was destroyed 32 people were sent to ratatouille

Taiwan tour bus hit the car to the front completely destroyed 32 injured to hospital (map) original title: Taiwan tour car accidentally hit before the car to the front completely destroyed 32 injured to hospital with palace tour Fuxing volunteers accidentally hit the front of the car, completely destroyed the front. Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reporter Shao Xinjie photo Beijing, November 7, according to the Taiwan news network reported that a bus carrying in Taichung Fuxing palace 40 volunteers travel tour, yesterday (6) morning through the main road No. three South Chiayi LAN Tan tunnel, hit the front did not carry passengers tour bus, tour bus driver surnamed Chen and caused the car 32 people injured to hospital; police preliminary investigation finds that the driver is not to keep a safe distance from the accident. Fuxing palace Jinxiang transportation company hired Taichung bright tour bus, by the honorary chairman Lin Xiuwen with the car led to the Tainan Zeng Wen reservoir tour yesterday, at 7:56 in the morning traffic accident, in addition to the 4 people in the hospital, most of the rest of the hands and feet laceration, are home to rest; Lin Xiuwen and volunteers said they were on the car class, fortunately not collision "thank you, mazu". LAN Tan tunnel length of 1255 meters, the accident occurred in the middle section of the tunnel Lane lane. The tour bus driver surnamed Chen told the police he said, according to the speed limit driving, before the vehicle deceleration, brake less he hit, and then hit the island out of control. The front was hit a tour bus driver said he surnamed Guo, from Meishan to the junior high school students to take water to the people of male performing arts center, into the blue Lake Tunnel, front car slow down, to keep a safe distance from the vehicle before it hit, but did not expect "touch!" One, by the car after the collision. (reporter Lu Yongming, Huang Huangquan, Huang Yin, Shao Xinjie) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: