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Take you into a parallel arena in Tianmu Mountain Forest Tour – Sohu of Ling’an tourism, Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan caught in the two historical and cultural cities, thousands of years to grow its own unique culture and bright, folk culture and scenery of Ling’an to touch the most flavor. At the end of the summer, spring, this season, wandering in the green mountains and rivers, away from the haze and the hustle and bustle of the city, bridges, go to a mountain in Ling’an province about. Do not feel the same mountain garden, a field with vigour and vitality "cultural tour", smoke, thick aroma, let me go to Ling’an to see the world. Hangzhou morning drive to Tianmu, Hangzhou summer or some hot, but we could not withstand the look of passion. West Tianmu Mountain, 90 kilometers away from Hangzhou, Hangzhou – Highway 02 – Ling’an – algae (a tall Tianmu Mountain roadside billboards) right (North) to – day algae highway (14 km) – Tianmu area. This is absolutely a green car lines, if you want to hide in the forest to escape the heat or a body, if you want to breathe the fresh air on the mountain or interested in flowery words, this line is the best choice. Arrived in Tianmu Mountain, in Afrikaans hotel. When you see the Afrikaans, will know, a spacious room, beautiful scenery, a sense of decoration design, a great bed, large color TV, Shiseido toiletries. You can not hesitate in Afrikaans, don’t worry about whether you will be comfortable enough, go to any one of the local scenery is very good, do not think this is what we want Afrikaans, the. The hotel is located in Tianmu Mountain scenic area one kilometer, the position is quite good, the price change 200-800 season price, the same way, Ctrip will have a great discount. Some people say, I see the gray world, want the world more warm, more color. Backed by mountains green, yellow brick wall glazed tile, but the best design without showing feelings, are hidden in the details. Next to the hotel is the source of Zen temple! A sacred temple incense filled, tranquil lake with the reflection of the pagoda, smart Koi leisurely, Yangxin and self-cultivation vegetarian lunch, Zen thick. The source Zen temple, under the West Tianmu Mountains in the south, the two crown peak, Castle Peak is nestled in the Greenwood, Skanda should trace the dojo, is one of the famous temple in Zhejiang. Surrounded by mountains, the scenery is very beautiful. The monks, from law belongs to Rinzai, known in japan. During the war of resistance against Japan, for the location of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University moved, had temporarily stationed in this. Our beloved Premier Zhou also told the Japanese declaration here, add color to the source Zen Temple of many heroes. Zen source Temple grand scale, complete layout. In the East and west of the three axes: central axis followed by King Hall, fengtuo hall, main hall, hall (upstairs in the Royal Pavilion, the ancestral hall (Book) upstairs for Han Hui building); East axis for the living room (also known as the five building), guest room, house (floor for the pharmacist pure GE), Zhang (floor for Shu GE), chasing away the hall (upstairs for mercy, chasing away the hall on the eastern side of the floor) and Tibetan temple (upstairs for Guangyinge); West axis official reception room (also known as the statue of the sitting room, two floor room (West) Yunshui Hall), chiehshou Hall (upstairs as Pearl building, the East Hall for guests.相关的主题文章: