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The car can ‘be careful and durable? Deadly brake thermal decay – car — original title: the car can be deadly. Durable? Careful brake thermal decay in the Internet to see a lot of riders have their own car "durable" attribute: opening a hundreds of kilometers without maintenance, often violent driving to car is not much affected in particular, love often pulled around in the high-speed winds tens of kilometers and so on. So many bad driving habits, not only will not make your car more durable, but will make the car parts have some strange phenomenon. Some time ago someone ask Xiao Bian in the background, his car ran the road back home, after the discovery of the braking speed becomes very slow, and the braking distance is much longer than before, frighten him to call for help under high speed. There are a lot of bad situation caused by the brake, the users encounter is likely to brake wear or brake disc thermal decay problem, just run the road, long time intense driving, frequent brake braking system will lead to poor heat dissipation, this time is not so cool it will continue on the road, the worst case brake failure caused by the problem! Even if the car is a multi operation, violent driving of vehicle is permanent, if your car following problems, then you should reflect on their driving habits. I love a lot of brake thermal decay of friends all know that the brake is a car life, often run for some road car, brake system is the most important upgrade. For a long time to step on the brake pedal, the brake pads and the heat transfer between the brake disc is the largest, the brake system is not a good heat dissipation, will produce the so-called heat attenuation. How to solve the current heat attenuation? If the car when the heat attenuation is serious, it is recommended to stop immediately to the roadside, it is best to be relatively cool place, so that the entire brake system cooling, generally takes half an hour or an hour. Of course, you can also help cool air into the brake disc manufacturing. Do not use water to reduce the temperature of the brake system, the high temperature of the brake disc in case of cold water is likely to cause deformation. When you turn the steering wheel, the foot plate jitter many friends to buy a car, the first thing is to try it on the dynamic speed, of course, is a cool look at their driving desire. But this time the car is still in the running in period, repeated high speed, and even the car opened more than 120 kilometers per hour. This violent driving behavior will easily lead to the car "surge" phenomenon, a high speed, the steering wheel, the brake pedal throttle wobble. This problem is likely to be the car "chicken tripod" loose, part of this part belongs to the engine support, to offset the resonance of the engine and chassis produced, if it is a manual car, step on the clutch will appear in the foot of a bomb. So, bought a new car, or to take a hair, don’t freeze, suffer their own. Hang P gear abnormal sound of many owners reflect their own car to the P block is not smooth, there is a "click" sound will. In fact, the P block is used to lock the gear gearbox, "click")相关的主题文章: