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Motivation As humans we have a number of needs. Two of those needs are 1: The need for certainty, and, 2: The need for uncertainty. The need for certainty brings about peace of mind, and the need for uncertainty brings about life. Many strive to have as much certainty in their life as possible. They are afraid of uncertainty. There are two challenges that arise from this. First of all, life would be plain boring if everything was certain. Secondly, the more certainty you require in life, the more chance there is that you will be let down and unhappy. This is because you will be going against the flow of reality. Much of life is uncertain and those who win are the ones who accept and learn to dance to the rhythm of whatever music the day decides to play. Life will continuously throw you challenges. Some you will expect, most you wont. Some will .e at a time where you feel you can handle them; most will .e when you least want them to. As any winner would, you must be quick to adapt to best serve the purpose of what you set out to do. More importantly, you must always be on the look out for change, so that you are at the forefront rather than the tail end of it. If something happens in your world, believe that it has happened for a good reason. Rather than asking, Why has this happened to me? ask a more useful question such as, How can I benefit from this? Winners believe everything that happens in their life isnt just a mere accident. They are incidents, some of which are out of control, while others are as a result of their thoughts and actions. When the majority of people get bogged down about negative events in their lives, winners see past it into the distance taking on lessons learned. Every event is a lesson to help them move stronger and smarter. Those who embrace and turn uncertainty in their favor will .e out as winners in a world filled with those trying (and failing) to control things that are out of their reach. You can only control you. Uncertainty is part of the game. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can be at peace with yourself. Let go. Have fun with uncertainty because when you learn to do so, you will be certain to win. About the Author: Frequently Attitudes Before Defeats And Failures By: create global future – For humans in dealing with the defeats and failures is generally not a simple or easy matter. Despite all the work that positive thinking can develop in the minds and hearts of those who are tested on their projects and ambitions. Tags: Get Over Yourself, You"��re A Liar, You Need To Get Over Yourself By: Sandy Z – Do you lie? Most of believe we have integrity, but there is one person we lie to all the time. That’s you. You are not truthful with yourself. 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