The curse of today’s girls how to get married straight cancer cure – Sohu comments xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

"The curse of today’s girls how to get married" straight cancer cure – Sohu comments yesterday, Anhui Huainan Normal University campus pull up a banner, saying: "today’s girls curse, how Ming marry, marry well, children can teach?" The student’s office". A banner, the Internet quickly ignite controversy, some netizens described as "gay cancer". The content and the thinking reflects the banner implies certain obvious prejudice and discrimination. The three students from biased propaganda of a school, even more worrying. Chinese entered the modern society for a long time, but on the issue of women, also seems to be filled with the legacy of the old times, those ghosts hidden in the bindings in never go away. The curse is not good, but why must marry with and for the future of children’s education related? This association essentially points to the materialization of women. As a young woman, well educated, well read, good quality, but also for marriage and parenthood for men. Writing "the second sex" Beauvior said: "women are not born, are made." Women have been in society and in a strong position of male chauvinism to become what kind of person, what to do. Many standard words are even praised this "created" fruit and accomplice, such as virtuous, such as mothers. In the concept of equality between men and women has been talked about countless times today, women should have the right to choose their own way of life, but also should have the right to participate in the construction of women’s values and evaluation of the right to speak. As a university, a teaching, righting man’s spirit and soul of the place, the more for girls this encouragement, let them go to seek their own independent social value and broader life possibilities, rather than using a banner box set their meaning: marry people, baby. Zhang Lin (graduate student)相关的主题文章: