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The daughter of Dun send parents into Baozipu mother hospital onset neglect of the original title: daughter to dun the parents to mother baozi Inn onset to hospital unattended September 18th morning, 120 emergency vehicles will be sent to a nine year old Xuzhou tumor hospital emergency room, emergency personnel is too old a series of check, not found emergency. Let the emergency room personnel is unexpected, until the morning of September 20th, the old woman’s family have never been there. The reporter found that an investigation is not abandoned, granny, this incident was due to economic disputes. Emergency room: Granny asked three know yesterday morning, reporters at the Xuzhou tumor hospital emergency room to see the "abandoned" the old, white haired old woman with eye disease, emaciated, not open eyes, walking inconvenience, hobbled by the nurse helped to the bathroom. "Granny 24 hours a day eating and sleeping are we take turns to take care of the nurses." The nurse told Ms. Feng granny was hospitalized after told reporters: September 18th at 8:39 in the morning, 120 emergency vehicles will be sent to the emergency room said granny granny, chest. The emergency room immediately for emergency ECG, blood pressure, ECG and a series of old, no obvious emergency. The doctor wanted to ask his family, after the old man had what disease, but couldn’t find the old woman’s family. Ms. Feng said, her frail, and no family care, in order to avoid accidents, emergency room nurse daily special care. "But we are here in the emergency room, emergency day takes great long-term care, granny is not practical, and the incident has affected the normal working order in the emergency room." The security department: "we hope as soon as possible to find the old family first encountered this situation." The hospital security department chief Lee said they learned of the matter, the emergency room to investigate, but her speech fuzzy, not say clearly family information and home address. Zhang said, if the woman is elderly, they can contact and the Civil Affairs Department, the proper placement of granny, but they learned to communicate with the police, Granny not elderly, his wife and daughter. "We have repeatedly alarm, the police want to be able to help find her family, but no results." Lee said that he and 120 ambulance staff to communicate, understand that, on the morning of September 18th received a first aid phone, said the Daqing Road, a steamed stuffed bun has an old man unwell, urgent need for treatment. 120 to Baozipu after the old man pulled to the hospital, the staff of the old family situation is not clear. "We have been looking for ways to granny in the family, but of no avail, hope can help the morning news." Li section chief says. Steamed stuffed bun shop: we really call 120, then the old man is abandoned, or else he? Morning news reporter launched an investigation. According to 120 clues, the reporter found the old woman was Daqing road "where the Xu Baozipu them away". Baozipu door very stylish, but also hanging plaque buns, "Xia Dian mutton" plaque. "The steamed stuffed bun shop and the mutton hall all are Battalion相关的主题文章: