The driver borrowed the car to borrow the accident was a stranger long-term monitoring harassment –

The driver by car to borrow the accident was a stranger long-term monitoring harassment – Sohu car in recent days, the master in the maintenance of the vehicle detection, encountered such a thing! Some people borrow your car, you lend or not, say "friends are like brothers, cars such as clothes, but not this clothes, you may be in rags! Yes, the master came up with an incident on the driver’s car. If you stand on the friend’s standpoint, to borrow the car seems to always say "saying behoove, after all, go out on a friend", something should help a friend, but if you stand in the owner’s point of view, I hard to sell the car, borrow to borrow, do not take the moral standard to kidnap me! It is to say how you are rational, different perspective, a friend borrowed car "has become a hot topic on the Internet. So today, why say, because today the victim becomes the driver! As it happened, Ms. Zhang Mengzhang (a pseudonym) in some social occasions strong Lee, two people talking, but the two sides after carefully understanding that is a fellow, talking to each other is more speculative. In the course of contacts, two people will stay in contact each other, and then did not alert the heart of Ms. zhang. But because of the good intentions of Ms. Zhang, but gave her a huge trouble! Time after about half a month, including Lee and Ms. Zhang to chat, Ms. Zhang also gradually began to Lee in some goodwill, also reduced for Lee’s warning. Lee this day with something in the name, need to borrow a car! Zhang believes that Lee is not bad, but also on the villagers to lend a car to lee……. Of course, if things are as simple as that, Lee also gave the car back to ms.!!! The next thing, let Zhang headache. Who is the lady at the car, so there are a lot of girls decoration inside the car, the car and the atmosphere is very warm, very clean, after all, Ms. Zhang is their car, perhaps because of Ms. Zhang’s beauty and kindness to bring their own troubles. In the next few days, Ms. Zhang felt uneasy! Usually, Ms. Zhang is just a little more familiar with the people who contact, but in the case of Lee lent a car, there is a strange man constantly to Ms. Zhang harassing phone calls. At first, Ms. Zhang thought it was selling fraud calls, but also occasionally ridicule one or two, but a long time to find the wrong head. Can guess Ms. Zhang’s recent status of strange men each call, including Ms. Zhang said, done, some personal privacy even Ms. zhang…… These are very big impact on Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang did not feel restless day and night, feeling good people who are monitoring her all the time! After then, Ms. Zhang immediately suspected that is not some time ago to borrow the car, car is out of the question! In the face of frequent harassment, Ms. Zhang had to do the whole car 4S shop inspection. To the 4S shop, Ms. Zhang told the 4S shop staff told the demand, but the store staff is "no longer the 4S shop service scope and rejected the request of Ms. zhang! In this case, in addition to angry more or helpless, ben!相关的主题文章: